Georgia Governor To Reopen Movie Theaters April 27th

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said on Monday afternoon the state is on track to meet President Trump's criteria to begin easing social distancing and reopening Georgia's economy. He announced a gradual easing of the state's restrictions on business activity, beginning this Friday.

On Friday, April 24th, the following businesses will be encouraged to reopen in Georgia:

Fitness centers
Hair dressers
Nail salons
Massage therapists

Kemp said the reopening of these businesses "would not be business-as-usual" and would require companies to implement changes to ensure sanitation mandates and social distancing.

On Monday, April 27th, restaurants will be able to begin offering customers the option of dining in and movie theaters will be allowed to reopen. 

According to Gov. Kemp, the businesses will be allowed to open, but will be subject to some restrictions that will be be announced later this week.

This decision means Georgia will be the first state where movie theaters will be allowed to reopen, although it's not clear how many of the movie theaters will be willing to open at this time. 

Georgia is currently under a shelter-in-place order that Kemp extended until April 30th. The governor said that the shelter-in-place order would remain active until it expires and that people who are medically fragile should expect to shelter in place until May 13th.