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  • Written by Rick Ellis

Buy This Unique TV-Related Coffee Cup While Donating To The Food Bank For NYC

Even in more normal times, Brian Koppelman's Twitter account is one you should be following. Sure, he tweets about his career (everything from "Rounders" to "Billions"), but he also tweets about his life and anything else that happens to be on his mind. It's an entertaining mix and his Twitter account is one of my favorites. 

In recent days, he's been tweeting pictures of followers having their first cup of coffee in the morning, along with the hashtag #TheRoyale. And while it might sound like a gimmick at first, to be honest, seeing those pictures every morning is a warm reminder that life goes on. Even if we are all living solitary lives right now.

And now Mr. Koppelman has figured out a way to celebrate that first morning coffee while also showing some support for a worthy cause. You can now order an official #TheRoyale coffee cup, complete a logo and his photo. And even better, all the proceeds from the cups are going to the Food Banks Of New York City.

Here is the link to order the cup, or you can go to www.theroyalebk.com. I've just ordered mine and I hope you'll do the same.