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Coronavirus And The Entertainment Industry: 03/02/2020

Avril Lavigne Cancels Asian Tour Over Caronavirus Concerns
Singer Avril Lavigne took to social media late Sunday to announce she was canceling an upcoming Asian leg of her Head Above Water World Tour, set to kick off in Shenzhen, China, on April 23rd.

"I am sad to announce that we are unable to tour the Asian markets due to the continuous outbreak of the coronavirus," the statement read on Twitter. "My band, crew and I have been working so hard to bring this tour worldwide and are completely bummed out. Please everybody take care of yourselves and stay healthy. You're in my thoughts and prayers and we are hoping to announce rescheduled shows soon."

The Upcoming Disney+ Series ‘The Falcon & The Winter Soldier’ May Be Rewritten Due To COVID-19…Or Not

One reason that I am writing this daily newsletter is that the Internet is filled with half-ass content mills that crank out stories that only slightly resemble reliable journalism. And things get even worse during events like the COVID-19 pandemic, when people are searching desperately for news about what to expect.

Take, for example the headline “The Falcon And Winter Soldier: Rewritten Due To Coronavirus?,” which appeared Sunday on the web site nationeditions.com, which one of a series of sites run by a click factory operating out of Tennessee.

Despite the clickbait headline, the piece doesn’t even pretend to offer up any tangible facts, instead it just includes remarkably vague paragraphs like this one:

The Coronavirus is still a concern, and every person, notably Marvel Studios, is taking precautions as the number of cases increases. The Disney+ TV series ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ is said to be subject to rewriting due to the pandemic, according to recent reports.

Thanks, that’s really helpful. So the moral is…be careful when you are reading anything about the coronavirus. The internet is filled with plenty of people hoping to just scoop up some low-hanging ad money off of the gullibility of readers.

And yes, I didn’t link to the story I was criticizing because that basically rewards their sleazy behavior. But if you’re interested, here’s the URL in question for you to copy and paste into your browser: https://nationeditions.com/the-falcon-and-winter-soldier-rewritten-due-to-coronavirus/

Speaking Of Coronavirus Stories You Shouldn’t Believe
Did you hear about that survey that found 38 percent of Americans said they would stop drinking Corona beer because of the coronavirus? Dispatch Fact Check looked at the story and it turns out…that’s not true at all! Check out how misrepresented data from a PR firm made its way into the media.

Odds & Sods
A Sharp factory that is typically used for mass-producing large LCD panels is shifting its entire production line over in order to begin making surgical face masks. According to the AP, the factory expects to be producing 150,000 masks per day by the end of March and will eventually be capable of producing 500,000 masks per day.