'Mixtape' - How A New Guitar Changed REO Speedwagon's 'That Ain't Love'

In this first-look clip Cronin and Amato share how a new guitar changed the sound of their classic hit “That Ain’t Love,” before performing an acoustic rendition of the song”

Said Cronin, “We played the hits, but we’re always kind of tinkering with them a little bit. And there was one song of ours that, it was a hit, and it was part of our core of songs. And years later, it kind of came into my head what we should do to make it better. And I suggested to Dave [Amato], that he should play a Gibson ES-335. And we took this song and turned it from kind of this poppy, kind of synthy thing to kind of more of a bluesier thing that really served the lyric better.”

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