What's New This Week On Asian Crush: 11/12/2017

Here's a rundown of the new titles that were just added to the SVOD streaming service Asian Crush:

Black & White 2: The Dawn of Justice
In this prequel to Taiwanese action hit BLACK & WHITE, two cops with radically different styles (Mark Chao and Lin Gengxin) must team up to put a stop to bombings terrorizing Taipei.

Devil Run
In this cult horror-comedy, a group of friends accidentally discover they’re soon destined to bite the dust. Of course, they’re going to their damndest to cheat Death–until the big guy himself comes to claim them.

Fun Bar Karaoke
Enter the bizarro underworld of mobsters, karaoke, and back-alley magic in this dark crime-comedy from Thai auteur Pen-ek Ratanaruang, in which a girl enlists the help of a fortune teller to prevent her father’s death–and accidentally falls for the guy hired to kill him.

Happy Dorm
A hilarious battle of the sexes ensues when a boy’s college dorm becomes determined to prove that the girl’s dorm is just as gross as theirs. As tensions rise between the warring co-eds, this raunchy coming-of-age rom-com will get you nostalgic for the grit, grime, and growing pains of collegiate life.

Paradise in Service
Stationed at Taiwan’s most dangerous military base, a young officer’s greatest struggle isn’t his intense physical training–it’s holding onto his virginity. This historical drama touches on the aches and absurdities of coming-of-age in a nation on the brink of war.