MN Museum Brings Back T-Shirt Worn On 'Stranger Things'

If you have any doubt that viewers will buy items featured in their favorite TV shows, you only have to look at what happened after Netflix began streaming their series "Stranger Things." 

The series is set in the 1980s and character Dustin Henderson wore a vintage Brontosaurus t-shirt from the Science Museum of Minnesota. The t-shirt had been long out of print, but so many people contacted the museum asking to buy one that it's now been brought back. For a limited time, "Stranger Things" fans can purchase "Thunder Lizard" merchandise, including hoodies, crew necks, and T-shirts. (Walkie talkies not included.)

Sales began on Tuesday and as of the time I write this, the sales link is overwhelmed with traffic and temporarily offline.

The success of "Stranger Things" have sparked the release of a large number of branded items, including an entire limited-edition line of "Stranger Things" merchandise available exclusively through Target stores.