MPI Media Group Launches 'Dark Shadows' SVOD Service

Fans of the spooky daytime drama "Dark Shadows" now have a place where they can stream every episode of the series.

MPI Media Group has just launched Dark Shadows TV, which collects all 1,225 episodes of the series, as well as special collections such as "Best of Barnabas" or "Fan Favorites." The service also includes a number of exclusive "bonus" videos. The service also plans to offer curated playlists built around specific topics, such as episodes set in 1795 or ones that feature the "parallel time" arc.

"Dark Shadows" aired weekdays on ABC, from June 27, 1966, to April 2, 1971. The show depicted the lives, loves, trials and tribulations of the wealthy Collins family of Collinsport, Maine, where a number of supernatural occurrences take place. The series took off ten months into the run when Jonathan Frid joined the show as the mysterious Barnabas Collins. The show remained popular with fans after it left the air and spawned a 1991 TV reboot, a 2012 film and a continuing series of original radio programs.

A Dark Shadows TV subscription costs $7.99 a month, a fee that includes a 14-day free trial. An annual membership is also available for $79.99, which includes two months free.