Fullscreen Orders Kian Lawley/Jc Caylen Comedy 'H8TERS'

SVOD service Fullscreen has ordered 10 episodes of "H8TERS," a new original series from the comedy duo duo Kian Lawley ("Before I Fall") and Jc Caylen ("t@gged"). The show is currently in production in Los Angeles and will premiere sometime in 2017.

"Fullscreen has had many years of collaboration with Kian and Jc and this series is a hilarious evolution of their creative voices," said Scott Reich, Mainstream's Senior Vice President of Programming, said in a statement. "We always encourage our talent to push themselves out of their comfort zone and the multiple, over the top characters these guys play, delivers on that challenge in a way our audience won't forget!"

Official description:

"H8TERS" follows stars Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen, who play heightened versions of themselves as famous and successful YouTube stars insecure about losing their fame. Lawley and Caylen also play their own biggest haters, Frank and Zweeb, two mall-dwelling video game store employees obsessed with hating on and figuring out ways to take down these social media heartthrobs. Rounding out the core characters are a rich world of co-workers, agents, fans, girlfriends and dog-bounty hunters; many of whom will also be played by Kian and Jc while hilariously skewering hate-culture, fan-culture and everything in between.

The show is being written by Cody Lutz and Max Lavine and is being produced by the Judy McGrath/Sony Music Entertainment company Astronauts Wanted.

Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen are executive producers on "H8TERS." Cody Lutz and Max Lavine are also executive producers; previously, they adapted the book SHIP IT HOLLA BALLAS! for Paramount Pictures with Fake Empire producing. For Astronauts Wanted, executive producers are Judy McGrath, Nick Shore and Kim Rosen.