The Daily Binge: 5/9/2016 - Early Jimmy Kimmel

One of the things that has always been most impressive about Jimmy Kimmel is his ability to not be pigeon-holed in his career. He managed to move from being a sidekick on "Win Ben Stein's Money" to co-hosting Comedy Central's "The Man Show" to hosting ABC's late night talker. It's quite an accomplishment, particularly given his appearances on "The Man Show."

The series was co-created by Kimmel, co-host Adam Corolla and producer Daniel Kellison in 1999. "The Man Show" aired on Comedy Central until 2003, when Corolla and Kimmel left (with Kimmel heading to ABC). Watching old episodes of the series, it's difficult to imagine what ABC executives saw in Kimmel that screamed "successful late night host." The show was designed to be both a parody and a celebration of drunken frat boy behavior and it most famously included a group of bikini-clad women named the "Juggy Girls," who spent a lot of time jumping on trampolines and dancing uncontrollably. The jokes were often sophomoric and borderline homophobic. It was one of the shows that you find yourself laughing at, but feeling very guilty about when it was all over.

Looking back, you can see some of the seeds of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on "The Man Show." Some of the sketches were pretty funny, including one that featured an animatronic deer strapped to the hood of a truck. Kimmel and Corolla had the deer talk to people walking past, asking them to help the deer escape. 

You can see 116 episodes of "The Man Show" for free on PopcornFlix. Hulu also has a number of episodes available, but only for subscribers.

Angie Tribeca
Season one of this quirky series that stars Rashida Jones as a lone-wolf LAPD detective who is teamed up with a new partner, played by Hayes MacArthur. Jere Burns is the highly strung Police Captain Atkins.

National Parks Exploration Series
This eight-part series from 2011 was originally a direct-to-DVD project. Each episode focuses on a well-known U.S. national park, ranging from Yosemite to The Great Smokey Mountains.

Lifetime Movie Club 
Today's new movie is 2012's A Killer Among Us, starring Tess Atkins, Tom Cavanagh and Boris Kodjoe. After the shocking murder of her mother, a girl helps an unorthodox police detective with his investigation by searching her home for clues to crack the case.

Friends And Romans
Michael Rispoli, Annabella Sciorra and Paul Ben-Victor star in this 2014 movie about three friends who decide to take on Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" after spending their careers playing bit parts in mbster movies.

Red Bull TV
Wings For Life World Run 2016
Thousands of athletes run in 34 locations across the world to help fund research in finding a cure for spinal cord injury.

Shout Factory TV

Steve Martin Wild And Crazy Guy
Yes, there was a time when the broadcast network's aired stand-up specials. Steve Martin did four of them for NBC and this first one is the most interesting. In large part because it was produced in 1978 and includes a substantial amount of his live comedy act, recorded at his commercial peak.

MHZ Choice
Camilla Lackberg's Fjallbacka Murders
Based on the international best-selling Camilla Lackberg novels, this Swedish TV series centers on Erica, a successful crime novelist who has recently moved to a quiet fishing town to find some piece. As you might expect, that plan doesn't quite work out.

Aka Doc Pomus
This 2012 documentary tells the story of the under-appreciated early rock-and-roll songwriter Jerome Felder. Striken with polio as a child, he renamed himself Doc Pomus and went on to write some of the best songs of the early rock era. While his body of work includes everything from "Teenager In Love" to "Viva Las Vegas," the song "Save The Last Dance For Me" is the one whose story stuck with me. Listening to the lyrics knowing they're really about Pomus wishing he was physically able to dance with his wife at a party is just heartbreaking.