Viki Adds 500-Plus Hours Of Malaysian TV

Viki has signed a new pact with with Media Nusantara Citra (MNC), which will bring more than 500 hours of new shows to the OTT digital network.

MNC is Indonesia’s largest broadcast network, and the deal makes Viki the exclusive platform in the U.S. for these titles. It also marks the first time the network has negotiated a global streaming rights package for its programming. 

"We’re thrilled to partner with MNC on our largest deal from Southeast Asia to date," said Joanne Waage, Viki’s senior VP of programming and partnerships, in a statement announcing the deal. "Viki’s vision is to bring together great entertainment and fans everywhere, breaking down cultural and language barriers along the way; this certainly is one great step toward this goal."

"We are excited about the Viki partnership as we have a strong belief in digital media and a global video platform like Viki for the growth of our contents business, one of the various avenues to entertain our audiences in global markets," added Jimmy Kim, the senior VP of MNC contents, licenses and events.