Showgo App Lets You Share Your Real-Time Comments On TV Shows Without Spoiling Anything

For all the fun of bingeing a TV show on Netflix or Hulu, one of the downsides is that you can't share your reaction in real time with friends, family or even the world. It's easy to live snark along with THE BACHELOR (at least in your time zone). But what do you do when you want to tweet your timely take on the latest episode of HOUSE OF CARDS?

The Showgo app is one solution. It syncs up with the audio of the show you're watching, which allows you to see other people's comments at the exact same moment you're watching it. You can reply to comments in the app and post comments of your own that people can read when they sync up and watch the episode.

It's a fascinating idea, though there are a few caveats. Right now only a few shows are supported by Showgo: HOUSE OF CARDS, 11.22.63, LOVE, season four of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and MAKING A MURDERER. Although more shows are promised soon. The app is also Apple iOS only for right now. 

The biggest challenge for Showgo is scale. Ideas like this only work if they get enough users to create a a timeline of comments. And that might be the reason for rolling out shows slowly. By focusing on a select few shows, you don't run into the problem of that lone person wondering why no one has commented on their favorite episode of PROPERTY BROTHERS.

You can get the Showgo App at the iTunes store here. Or visit their web site at