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‘Station 19’ Recap: Maya Puts Her Best Friend’s Life at Risk

While "Grey’s Anatomy" took a break this week, "Station 19" aired a new episode. Titled “Home to Hold Onto,” tensions rose between Maya and Andy as Captain Sullivan started to groom Maya for a leadership position. Meanwhile, Ryan ended up with Jack on a ride along and Travis returned to duty after recovering from the near-death experience in the Season 1 finale.

Andy Moves in with Maya

The episode kick started with Andy moving in with Maya. Despite Maya annoyed that Andy didn’t trust her on last week’s call, they’ve remained friends. The duo turned into a trio when Vic, who had a key made for the apartment without Maya knowing, turns up to share what’s going on in her love life.

At the station, the three women start talking about the new captain, who already doesn’t like Andy. We’ve seen it the last two weeks, but this week gave us a little more understanding of the character. Sullivan views Andy as incompetent and that was why she didn’t get the captaincy job at Station 19.

This brings up the tension between Maya and Andy again. As Andy complains about Sullivan being out to get her, Maya makes it clear that Andy needs to stop making it easy for Sullivan to pull Andy up for things. It’s true. Last week, Andy made a bad call that almost cost a boy his life. She needs to stop acting like she knows better than everyone.

Understandably, Andy is hurt. Out of everyone in the firehouse, she thought Maya would have had her back. However, it’s clear that Maya is fed up of constantly being in Andy’s shadow.

Maya Gets the Chance to Go for Lieutenant

Captain Sullivan sees something in Maya this week and brings up the time that Maya gave up her chance of becoming a lieutenant. Maya hadn’t wanted to go up against Andy, but it’s put Maya further in the shadows. Sullivan wants to see her go for the promotion.

This is a driving force for the call, when they attend an apartment building. A neighbor shares that an elderly woman hasn’t been seen for a few days and neighbors are worried something has happened. Living in an apartment building, I can totally relate. There are times you don’t see your neighbors and fear the worst—and sadly, it has happened where a body hasn’t been found for a week.

When they get the door open, the firefighters can’t get in. There’s too much stuff blocking the door. The good news was the elderly woman was alive, but she said she couldn’t move. She’d recently had heart surgery and a couple of boxes had fallen on top of her.

Because of everything in the apartment, the ground wasn’t stable enough for everyone to go in, so Captain Sullivan had a call to make. Did he risk the safety of a firefighter or wait for an engineer to support the floor? Turning the decision to Maya, she agrees with Sullivan that Andy should go in. Andy’s the lightest and will be able to navigate the tighter spaces.

It’s clear that Andy is shocked Maya would side with the captain, but the captain is impressed. It was the right call, too. The elderly woman was close to death when Andy got her out of the apartment and Ben needed to perform a small surgery to save the woman on site.

Jack and Ryan Bond

While all that happened, Jack was forced to head off on a ride along with Ryan. Of course, every Station 19 fan expected tension during these scenes. The two both have history with Andy to make things awkward. However, it turned out that things weren’t that bad.

Jack gained a new level of respect for Ryan during the callouts and the two ended up bonding over beers. It was completely different to Vic and Travis’ friendship, which is now on the rocks. Vic is angry that Travis almost died because he told Ben to leave him behind.

What did you think of "Station 19?" Did Maya make the right call? Will Andy see past the initial anger?

"Station 19" airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.