Pluto TV Launches 'Star Trek' Channel That Includes Selected Eps From 'Picard' & 'Discovery'

The free streaming service Pluto TV launched a Star Trek-centric channel today that will air selected episodes from all of the "Star Trek" television shows, including several from the CBS All-Access original programs "Star Trek: Discovery" and "Picard."

The channel kicked off with a 12-hour marathon under the banner of "Star Trek United," which features episodes "championing diversity, equality and tolerance." That will be followed by a week's worth of episodes from the universe of "Star Trek" television shows, including the original series, "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Deep Space Nine," "Voyager" and "Enterprise."

The channel will also notably air selected episodes from the two "Star Trek" original programs that have been produced for the subscription-based streaming service CBS All-Access. I believe this marks the first time episodes of either "Star Trek: Discovery" or "Picard" have been available for streaming in the United States outside of CBSAA.

According to the programming director of Pluto TV, three episodes of "Picard" will air during the week as well as one episode of "Star Trek: Discovery."

The "Star Trek" channel can be found here or on the Pluto TV app on Channel 661.

And as part of the promotion, CBS All-Access is promising to donate $1 to the Black Lives Matter movement for every person who tweets the hashtag #StarTrekUnited on Wednesday,