First Look: HBO Max

The new streaming service HBO Max launches on Wednesday, May 27th and here's a look at what you can expect to see if you subscribe. As a caveat, this is what it looks like on the PC, which is the platform where I was shown a preview before it launched. I've been told the look on the App and other platforms will be very similar.

When you log in, you'll see a splash page with a rotating carousel of featured TV shows and movies that highlight everything from "Friends" and "The Big Bang Theory" to the Harry Potter movies.

On the PC version, there's a pulldown menu on the left that allows you to search by a number of different categories, ranging from types of content to genre. But the content is also arranged into a group of hubs.

This is the Looney Tunes hub, which has a surprisingly sparse number of titles.

On the other hand, the TCM-branded movie hub includes a wide range of more than 450 movie titles.

The DC channel has about 45 titles, including the various movies as well as TV shows and direct-to-DVD releases.

The HBO channel looks identical to the existing HBO Now app.

There is also a kids channel, which can be searched by age range or type of content.

There is a news-talk channel which includes news and documentary titles from HBO and CNN.

The reality TV channel includes a wide range of seasons of "The Bachelor," including a number of international versions.

This is a look at the individual show pages, which include brief descriptions.