Quibi Orders Food Show Starring Chef Evan Funke

The upcoming short-form mobile platform Quibi has ordered its second food-oriented series in a week.

"Shape Of Pasta" follows renowned Chef Evan Funke’s passion-filled quest to find the last remaining masters of the world’s most beloved food... pasta. He’ll immerse us in the culture, history and surprising lore behind the unique shapes and textures in an effort to save them forever. Join America’s Best Pasta Maestro on this whirlwind tour of Italy as he takes on the challenge to add as much knowledge - and pasta - to his plate to keep these extraordinary traditions alive... one flavorful bite at a time. 

Multiple James Beard Award Nominee Chef Evan Funke is widely known as America’s Best Pasta Maestro and the architect behind LA’s Felix Trattoria. As a perpetual student of handmade pasta, he knows that no one can claim to be a master; there are just too many shapes and techniques - Not even the best chef in the world could conquer them in a single lifetime. 

Many of these traditions and techniques are dying off along with those who practice them. This 8-part documentary, produced by Emmy Award-winning and James Beard Award-nominated Ugly Brother Studios, follows Funke as he seeks to learn rare, forgotten and obscure pasta shapes from the pasta masters keeping these traditions alive.

On Wednesday, Quibi committed to unscripted competition "Biggest Little Cook-Off" from Levity Productions.