Recap: 'Green Lantern: The Animated Series' - Scarred

Green LanternHal Kilowog and Razer reconvene with the Guardians on Oa only to be snubbed from the campaign to stop Aya. Deciding to form a secret investigation, Hal leads his team on a break-in of deceased Guardian Scar’s quarters for clues regarding Aya’s creation. They uncover galactic coordinates which leads them to Scar’s secret laboratory. When they arrive, however, they discover Scar is still alive as it turns out she’s been hiding powers of teleportation. She also reveals the true origin of Aya in that she is a living organism composed of life from the main Green Lantern battery. Still seeking a means of quelling Aya, the four devise a plan to use the yellow energy that weakens Green Lanterns against her. Scar creates a missile and fills it with enough yellow energy to shutdown Aya, but not destroy her.

Razer approaches Aya when the group locates her and tries to talk some sense into her, but Scar forcibly fires the missile. It turns out the missile had too much power and that Scar lied to them. Fearing Aya and Razer are dead, Hal and Kilowog attack Scar only to be overpowered. However, Aya absorbed the explosion and saved Razer. She takes out her aggression on the Interceptor, causing Hal and Kilowog to abandon ship while Scar teleports away. With no attack plan, Hal buys some time by ramming the Interceptor into Aya at full speed and into hyperspace.

There was quite a bit of exposition with Aya’s origin which wasn’t entirely surprising, but the action more than makes up for it. En route to Scar’s laboratory, the Interceptor crew encounters giant space turtles hiding in asteroids. And when I said Aya attacks the Interceptor, it wasn’t a standard energy blast as the Anti-Monitor’s body tends to perform. That behemoth physically punches the stuffing out of the starship. The animation for that particular scene was incredibly stellar as it gave a real sense of danger when the glass shatters and the crew hangs on for dear life. And it was great to see Lanos, the substitute AI for the Interceptor, finally get a moment where he isn’t the most annoying character in the show.

The only problem with this episode is that the exchange between Aya and Razer was unbelievably predictable and cuts off right at the point when it might get interesting. Hopefully the series is just saving up for that perfect moment as it enters the home stretch. As it stands, I was satisfied with this episode in how the action and drama intensify.