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'Riverdale' Recap: Chapter 76 - Killing Mr. . . .

Okay before I start my recap of Riverdale, I assume everyone knows that this is probably the last new show we will get until the next season comes around (whenever that is). All of the rumors that were coming out said the show would start five years in the future. Well, personally I don’t see how that can happen now with Riverdale’s ending. It did end on a potential season-ending finale but it left too many questions for a time jump. We’ll get to that later.

Let me also state that when I saw Riverdale’s episode title, “Killing Mr. Honey,” I immediately thought of an old 1990’s movie called “Teaching Mrs. Tingle.” Get this! Not only did it have a connection to the actor who plays Mr. Honey, Kerr Smith, but it also had a connection to one of the parents. “Teaching Mrs. Tingle” had a similar plot to the story Jughead wrote and starred Katie Holmes (co-star of Kerr on Dawson’s Creek) and Molly Ringwald (Archie’s mom). Coincidence. I think not! Now on to the recap.

Real-Time at Riverdale High
As the story opens, more films have been delivered. This time, the movies are still echoing events in Riverdale (seasons) past. More voyeur than real, the film enacts scenes from the four seasons and the lives of the characters. But for the videos, the characters are wearing masks to reflect the person they represent (think Midge’s murder). Okay — we know that there was a voyeur room at the local video store that Ethel revealed last week. Isn’t this taking it a little far? While the discussion rages on why Betty sees the potential that someone is using these films to set up a real murder.

Later, in a meeting with Mr. Honey, Betty learns that he has canceled the yearbook. She’s been working on that night and day but he says that she missed the deadline and he has to approve every page. Thus, no yearbook which upsets Betty.

Archie, Ron, Jug, Reggie, Cheryl, and Kevin are hanging in the lounge at school when Jughead receives a letter from the University of Iowa. He must submit a story to complete his acceptance and he is on a deadline. He has writer’s block though. To add to the misery, Betty arrives with the bad news that there will be no yearbook which sends each down the road of remembering all the bad things Honey has done to the gang all year. I won’t do the list now because it’s too long and I’m tired of it being repeated (it’s more fun to watch). They’re trying to come up with something to do to Honey. While Betty suggests killing him and gets strange looks, Reggie suggests the ultimate senior prank. And I figure it will be lame which it turns out to be! Also, I’m not surprised at Betty’s suggestion. Remember, she has the serial killer gene.

Reggie arranges the senior prank. He, along with Archie and Kevin, glue Honey’s chair seat and his phone. Honey sits down, realizes he can’t stand, reaches for the phone, and finds it glued to his hand. Okay — I could have given specifics but I’m feeling my “Southern Lady” roots tonight (as Dawson’s Creek was filmed in NC). Riverdale High watches as Honey is wheeled out attached to his chair by the paramedics.

The next day, Honey gets his revenge. He’s canceling the prom so Betty and the rest go looking for skeletons in his closet. It seems that at every high school he has served, the prom has been canceled. Archie, Betty, Kevin, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead talk to their parents who all show up to talk to Honey about canceling the prom. When he says his decision stand, Mary cites legal standing that will get the prom held, Hiram pulls out he’s the mayor and will have Honey fired, and Alice promises a document. Honey asked what FP and Kevin’s dad will do and they answer they’re the muscle (can you imagine that scene if Luke had been there). Cheryl goes into the meeting with the parents and returns to announce the prom will be held and celebration ensues at Pop Tate’s.

But wait! The next day, Betty and Jug are called to the principle’s office where Charles (their FBI agent brother) is waiting. Seems there is another videotape but it is not a voyeur tape this time. Honey sees it as a threat to the school as all parts of the school are filmed. He cancels the prom again due to school safety.

While Jughead returns to his story (I’ll get to that in a minute), Betty and Charles review the movie. Betty’s eagle eye finds a glimpse of a mirror that shows Honey is filming. To make a long story short, Honey is confronted and is forced out of Riverdale High. As the gang watches the “dead man walking” (as Archie calls it), we learn that Honey was expecting this and has a job at Jug’s old school “Stonewall Prep” (or Baker’s Murder High). And I will finish this in a minute after I relate Jughead’s writing assignment for Iowa State.

Jughead’s Story for Iowa State
After all that Honey has done, Jughead has his story idea. He’s going to write a story called “Killing Mr. Honey” and change the names before he submits it. In the story, the core seven confronts Honey and Reggie roughs him up. First, Jug thinks of killing him, but then writes the story that Honey is taken to a cabin to be held until he agrees to hold the prom and forgive the participants of his kidnapping. The story takes a turn her and echoes the Midler/DeVito’s move, Ruthless People. The core seven hold Honey prisoner until he agrees to allow the prom. Riverdale is nothing if not smooth. Honey plays on Cheryl’s weakness for being a leader but she doesn’t let him loose. Next up is Archie and Veronica who find him dead.

So what do the gang do with a dead body? Well, it is Riverdale and they decide to bury it where no one will find it. Reggie has a big case of guilt going and is flipping out. When Kevin, who didn’t help bury the body, tells them that the local scout troop (think Dilton Doiley and his crew from the premiere episode) found Honey’s glasses, well Reggie loses it. He also spills the beans on the murder to Mad Dog in the locker room which shows Archie that Reg is out of control.

So the next bit of the story has Jughead killing Reggie. Reggie’s brakes on his car are cut and he has a horrible accident. Yes, the gang was involved. Now Ronnie is upset and . . .

Back To The Real World
As the group of seven gathers in the lounge, they’re celebrating Honey’s departure. The secretary, Mrs. Bell, is upset. All Mr. Honey wanted to do was prepare them for the real world (oh really Mrs. Bell. In whose view?). She hands Jughead a letter that Honey was sending for him to Iowa State. When Jughead reads it later at home, he finds a glowing recommendation which makes him change the story to Archie and Ronnie saving Honey’s life. As Betty and Jug discuss the changes he made to the letter, Jellybean comes up. A new video has arrived.

Jughead and Betty (without Jellybean) go to the living room to watch the movie. In it, there is the narration of the letter as they a video with no voyeur of a cabin. Jughead recognizes it as the one where Hermione and her lover, the former sheriff, met (where he also died at her hand). They go there and find movie equipment and a screen. In the video recorder is a movie that they watch. As Jughead’s letter is read, the tape shows Jughead and friends killing Mr. Honey and the scene closes.

Now, where will we go next year? That’s a good question and I know Roberto will never tell us. I do have one big question though. Why is the technology VCR tapes from the 80s? Come on, guys! Are we supposed to see this as a “Stranger Things” show or something a little more current?

As we wait to see what the COVID-19 virus does to the production of the show, I’ll be waiting. Now all of us will wonder:

Where is Honey?

Did he do the videos alone?

Just why is Charles there?

From me to you — goodnight.