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  • Written by Linda Martindale

'Riverdale' Recap: Wicked Little People And Town

Well, it’s been a while since we have seen Riverdale. So, what can we expect? We know Jughead is no longer dead. What does Riverdale have to offer us that is new? Oh, right! It’s the high school musical night! Will anyone die as they have in the past? Which of the older cast members will sing or make a fool of themselves? I have a feeling Honey will be in that category because I’m beginning to wish he would get kicked off the show. As they say in show business — let’s get on with the show!

Okay, Riverdale started with “Wicked Little Town” (the only song I know from this) while everyone is either at home or Pop’s watching a video of their business/home. This is so boring to us but worrisome to the citizens of Riverdale.  Jughead has to make up much school work due to his death and change of school. He’s also going to be doing some work for Charles but doesn’t want Betty to know. Will Jughead suddenly find out that Charles is doing the videotaping? Actually, it’s old school like “Stranger Things.”

Kevin and the Honey square off over the song choice that Kevin wants to do because of the controversial nature of the show. from which it comes (Hedwig and the Inch?). He wants Kevin to sing a song from Carousel or another old fashion musical.  Kevin leaves the office with an old school boom box blaring and gets bumped in the hall. He goes into a classroom and the Vixens and Archie (with super red hair) join in. The students go back to the hall and empty their lockers with streamers. Honey will cut Kevin’s song if this keeps up because he is boss.

Archie meanwhile signs up for the variety show with the Archies and has a new guitar. When he talks to the group, they get interrupted by Kevin in drag singing a song from the show. Kevin kisses Archie and all laugh. By the way, I know nothing about the music so don’t expect me to list lyrics. Oh, and did I mention that Honey arrives in the lounge and gets mad. He throws Kevin out of the variety show but that doesn’t stop Kevin. That is until Honey pulls the speaker’s plug.

Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni are having a pajama party and have invited Kevin to come. Kevin is very upset about not being a part of the variety show. He felt he was reconnecting with the town and school. Reconnecting — oh, right, from the cult. The girls try to cheer him up. The girls put a big wig on Kevin’s head and he joins in the fun. As the song continues, the girls do a makeover on Kevin. And what is a pajama party without a pillow fight? Evidently nothing. Betty suggests that they all sing songs from Hedwig and Cheryl declares war.

The next day, at Pop’s, the Vixens give Honey another taste of Hedwig with all the Vixens singing. Honey tries to stop it but can’t. Finally, Cheryl comes over and Honey gives her the bad news. Any student who performs a song from Hedwig and the Inch will be barred from Senior Prom.

Archie hears that Hiram fell. He admits that Hiram has been working out at the teen center which sets Ronnie off. Next time, Archie should drag him to the doctor and by the way, why didn’t he tell her. Betty catches Jughead trying to solve a crime. She’s upset because he’s not studying seriously. The two of them fight it out because he’s a different person since he was hit in the head with a rock. Now he breaks out to sing (and what a set of vocals are coming from him). The song is split between the two groups as they fight over their differences.

Honey’s secretary shows up and lets him know something is going on in the hallway. Kevin has a peaceful protest going on. Honey is not happy and sees the protest leading to violence. Honey is going to cancel the variety show completely. Later Betty shows up late for the Archies practice. Archie had forgotten to tell her that rehearsal was canceled. He formed the group because he wanted to have fun. Both are sad and hurt. Archie remembers their sophomore year when he froze on stage. When Archie saw his dad (a salute to Luke Perry), he could perform. Betty suggests they rehearse. Oh my, the heat is rising. Do we have the start of a new duo of Betty and Archie? Ronnie meanwhile is thinking of Archie while Jughead watches video of houses and both feel guilty about what they have done. This foursome can sing. Oh my! What an ending! I’m sure the Barchie’s are celebrating at around 8:45.

Later, both Jughead and Ronnie make up to their respective others who are feeling so guilty. Ronnie also has news. Kevin has suggested that the Archies still perform. It will happen at her club in a few days.

The Archies take the stage at Ronnie’s club with some of the parents present. Archie is on guitar, Ron has vocals (no piano for her). Jughead is playing drums and looking at Betty while Betty has a tambourine and casts sly looks at Archie. They include Choni (great shout out to the names we give the pairs) in their song. Cheers ring out as they say, Kevin. Choni, while not taking the stage, joins the song. The group leaves the stage only to reappear on Pop’s roof with a spotlight going. All of Riverdale High appears to be in attendance which makes Cheryl happy. FP and Alice look so proud. Jughead sees someone with a camera and offers his narrator a voice about evil still alive in the town. He has a vision of someone with a Jughead crown standing in the forest with a Betty character sneaking up to hit him from behind. What gives? Are they rewriting the narrative again?

Next time! More Barchie.