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  • Written by Linda Martindale

'Riverdale' Recap: Chapter 60 - Dog Day Afternoons And The Return Of The Farm

Hi, all you "Riverdale" fans. Sorry for no recap last week but it is autumn and I had a sinus flair up. So here’s the gist of what you missed. New "man in charge" at Riverdale High who dared stop President Cheryl’s party quickly learns of her wrath. When Mr. Honey calls the cops on her shindig at her house, someone (Cheryl) leaves a beehive in his office. Jughead is going to a prep school??? Whoops. Kevin, the snitch, was telling his sweetie, Sweet Pea, about the “Farm” investigation. Well, let’s give Kevin some room for doubt. He is, after all, alone and in need of love.  All of this sets it up for an interesting episode of Riverdale tonight especially considering what we have learned in the commercial about the newest Branch Davidian — I mean Farm — plan. And yes, we get a resolution but you won’t find out until the end of this.

Jughead at the New School

Betty, FP, and Jellybean bring Jughead to his new school and room and Betty is already emotional. While FP and Jellybeans given them some space, Betty gives Jughead a kiss. After the family leaves, Moose walks into Jug’s room and they catch up on what they have been up to. Moose wants to be called Marmaduke and we realize they are roommates.

At school, Jughead, Bret, and others don’t seem to agree on writing styles. There is jealousy there folks! The teacher has to step in to calm the discussion down. The smartie, Bret, calls Jughead “trailer park trash.” Well, I call Bret an over-privileged snob. Later when Jug goes back to his room, he finds Moose with Donna. Donna has a warning for Jughead about how Bret plays dirty. Moose announces he likes both guys and girls!

Jughead and his classmates find that they’re not going to have a class that afternoon. Instead, the teacher is having a session at 9:00 PM with a story due. As Jughead writes, Bret tries to get into Jughead’s head. Jughead finally grabs Bret and tells him the real story about his family. Bret finally seems scared. The winner of the competition is Story C in the 9:00 PM class. Bret and Jughead’s story tied for last place.

Jughead finds that someone has splashed stories about Riverdale around the school. While they couldn’t attack Jughead outright, they took Moose out. He’s leaving school but Betty is more about Jug when they talk later.

Veronica and Archie and Family

Remember last week how Veronica wanted to change her name to Gomez? Well, we get more of that this week. As we learn, Hiram’s dad had a past in Riverdale — one that Hiram was ashamed of. Boy, it must have been bad for bad boy Hiram to hate his name. Well, Hiram changed his name to Lodge which mad his dad mad. When they fought over it, Hiram took his dad out. Veronica learns all this from dear old dad who comes and goes as he pleases from prison because — “Hey” — he owns it.

Veronica doesn’t let that stop her though but makes her decide to use a new name. At the end of the episode, she visits dear, old dad and announces that she did change her last name. Now, she is Veronica Luna. Oh, and daddy dear, she’s changed the locks, put an alarm in, and will be sleeping with a taser. She’s a chip off the old block, isn’t she?

Meanwhile, Archie is having his own troubles with family. It seems that the community center needs $40,000 to bring it up to code. Veronica decides that Reggie, Archie, Mad Dog, and I guess it’s his younger brother who can wash cars. A crowd gathers and they make some money but not enough.

As all this plays out, a new nemesis arises for Archie. His name is Dodger and he’s a bad bully who preys on the kids at the video center. Archie decides to tell FP about the dude but things get out of hand and Archie decides to confront Dodger. Ends up while Archie goes one against five, he still gets money from Dodger which Mad Dog doesn’t want to use. He suggests Veronica finds a way to "launder" the money but she refuses.

Veronica has been trying to help Archie and gives Mary a check for the remainder. Mary won’t use it because she wants Archie to return to Chicago with her. Later, Mary visits the gym and sees Mad Dog teaching the kids self-defense though boxing. Visiting Archie in his office, she tells him that she understands that he wants to make Riverdale a safer place — better than the crime-filled one she knows. She’s going back to Chicago and get the community center 501 status which means he can raise money for repairs.

Betty and the Investigation

Good news! Charles has found the Farm. Bad news, they lose an agent posing as a pizza delivery man because Edgar is on to him. By the way, Evelyn is also still around and up to no good.

Betty gets a call from Edgar. He has demands and it includes $250,000 (what, not a million), passports, a bus, and safe conduct. While Betty, with Tee-Tee (yes, I used that) and Veronica’s help, tries to get the items together, Edgar calls back. Betty asks for more time and for him to release a hostage. Edgar isn’t going to fall for that but he does send someone to the FBI center. It’s Polly and she’s got a bomb strapped to her chest.

Charles tells Betty how to defuse the bomb but they cut the wrong wire. Instead of stopping the timer, it speeds it up. While Polly is freaking out, Betty remains cool and uses a bobbie pin to stop the timer.

Betty moves out with the items that Charles has requested. She drives into the compound and Edgar meets her trying his smooth Body Farm talk. Betty only wants her mother and Evelyn, looking like a 1980’s cult Patty Hearst, sneaks up behind Betty and knocks her out. Betty wakes up tied to a chair with Alice in the same predicament. What Edgar hasn’t realized though is that Betty is resourceful. Betty frees Alice and herself and lays a trap for whoever comes to get them to use them as a shield. Oh, look! It’s Evelyn who comes in and gets beamed herself.

Betty and Alice are trying to get everyone on the bus. Betty is recognized but gets the person to go to the bus. Alice sees Edgar has found out that they are free. She takes off to confront Edgar while Betty is to load the bus. Mr. Weatherbee stops Betty to explain that Edgar blamed him and he doesn’t want to be a part of this anymore. Betty puts him in charge of getting the bus loaded and follows her mom.

At the top of the building, Edgar is literally getting ready to blast off in a rocket. Alice has Evelyn’s gun and plans to stop him. Alice is really bad a** tonight. She won’t be swayed by the spill but Edgar draws a gun from his belt. Gunshots ring out and Alice survives while Edgar lies dead. Later at the house, Jughead asks how the family is. Alice is writing an expose for the paper and Polly has gone to a counseling center. As they are talking, the doorbell rings. Outside is a “present" — a sack with a VCR tape. Doesn’t Edgar know that VCR is dead? The tape is labeled his last words. It looks like Edgar and the Body Farm may be gone but not entirely forgotten.

Cheryl and the Family Home

Toni and Cheryl get interrupted in a romantic moment by a scream. They find Cheryl’s grandmother at the fireplace watching a fire. Nana mistakes Cheryl for Penelope and mentions — shocker — the triplets Cheryl tells her the twins are sleeping in the nursery but could this be a reference to the “Blossoms 666” comics? Could Cheryl have another brother like in that comic series?

Cheryl gets home one day to find a new, mysterious guy, Darius, sitting in her living room. Toni must see that Nana needs help as she thinks Darius can be that help. Cheryl immediately tells him that the chapel is off-limits. Later, Cheryl finds some things suspicious downstairs and fires Darius. The next morning, on her visit to Jason, a rat pos out of Jason’s shirt and Toni finds out what is really in the Chapel. Could this be the start of a new big story for Cheryl and Toni? Could Darius be Cheryl’s brother that she doesn’t know about? The name sure fits with the comics.