'Riverdale' Recap - Chapter 55: Prom Swarm

Hold on to your seats "Riverdale" fans!  We’ve been promised an exciting finish to tonight’s show and I am at 8:44 PM when I start this.  So what will the exciting finish for prom give us, hmmm?  Will Betty be Prom Queen?  Will the Gargoyle King show up?  Is the Farm connected?  Did Hal really die?  And the prom?  What could happen at a high school prom in Riverdale?  Oh, that’s right, it’s Riverdale where the weird rules.

Archie and Ronnie

Archie’s mom, Martha, shows up.  I guess she’s taking the role of responsible parent tonight.  It will be the first time!  Of course, we all know we lost Fred (played by the late, much missed, Luke Perry).  Martha has shown up on a visit while Fred is out of town working.  While Martha doesn’t seem to say much about Archie’s fighting, Ronnie is ready to promote Archie as a fighter and get him to move up the ranks.

Mad Dog and Archie are going to team up.  Ron can only take one boxer to this match and she wants it to be Archie.  At school, they learn about the prom and seem surprised.  I’m surprised.  I thought these kids were seniors but the talk is of the junior prom?  Really?  How many years will they be juniors?  I know "Riverdale" has a two-year renewal which will take it to season five.

Martha is worried and has a friend with the Naval Academy?  I guess Martha doesn’t know about Archie’s grades because she thinks she can get Archie into the Naval Academy.  Not with his grades?    Her friend, the recruiter, will stop by to see Archie fight on Friday. Wait a minute, that’s the date of the tournament that Archie is supposed to fight.  So what does Archie do?  Well, he’s not much on smarts right now so he decides to do both fights after forging Martha’s signature.

Oh, did I mention there is a problem with him fighting?  Archie is six pounds overweight so he exercises, fights Mad Dog, and starves himself to lose those extra pounds.  He gets down to weight but loses the fight.  Ron thinks she has talked him out of the fight for the recruiter, but Archie shows up anyway and promptly passes out on entering the ring.  Martha is beside him when he wakes up and very upset that he lied to her.  I think, though, that after this talk, she is beginning to understand but you have to wait for that!

As if Archie’s lost isn’t bad enough, Ron gets more bad news.  It seems her dear old dad, Hiram Lodge gave Veronica a fake deed and she’s been working for him this whole time.  I mean who wants to work for their dad?  Ron doesn’t approve of her dad and didn’t the annulment with the marriage that never was make Ron illegitimate?  But you know Ron.  As she tells Archie, she has a plan to take dear daddy down and needs his help like in the old days!

Betty and Jughead – the Prom and Gargoyles and Gryphons (or “Why I Am Tired of G & G)

Okay, with Kurtz death and the explosion of the vehicle explosion, who thought that Jughead and Betty would have a nice episode with no drama?  For Riverdale, drama reigns and you quickly can see that it will be based on Betty and Jughead.  From finding out that the vehicle Hal was in exploded and not much is left to identify the remains and that Jelly Bean has a clue that they are supposed to find the “Gospel” of the Gargoyle King, all looks well.  Well, it would be well if Betty bought that Hal was dead.  She won’t even believe the Coroner on this.  When Betty tells Jughead her suspicions, Jug tries to keep her calm but his main goal is to protect Betty.

Betty isn’t convinced with the evidence that Hal is dead.  She’s convinced that the Black Hood is back.  There are other issues though that Betty’s worried about.  Alice has gotten a tattoo to show her loyalty/love for Edgar.  Betty believes that the tattoo on Kurtz resembles what she has seen on Alice.  She and Jughead track the tattoo artist who remembers giving a man that sounds like a tattoo a year ago (when the Farm arrived).  Now isn’t that suspicious?  Not that the tattoo was a year ago but that the tattoo artist remembered it?  Of course, Riverdale wouldn’t be setting anything up would it?

While FP and Jughead were out checking the place where Kurtz lived, Jughead (conveniently) finds the Gospel of G & G.  As he reads, he’s convinced the Betty’s Gryphon Queen is really the Gargoyle Queen and has to arrive on prom night.  Visiting Cheryl at the prom table (in a short stint), Cheryl has gone from wanting to be queen to not caring.  Why?  I thought Cheryl always wanted to be Queen?  Oh, Edgar has convinced her that the Farm didn’t want her to be prom queen.  She needs to give up that dream or lose Jason.  Now isn’t that suspicious considering the prom which I won’t reveal quite yet?

Betty isn’t ready to drop her suspicions of the Farm.  She and Jug go there and she suggests Edgar was the one who got the tattoo.  She demands to see his back to see if he has tattoos.  Edgar removes his shirt but there are no tattoos.  Guess Betty hasn’t heard of body makeup.  That will make everything disappear.

The Prom

Okay, the scheme for the Prom consists of the Pretty Poisons and Serpents working together to stop anyone from leaving the prom.  Ronnie tells Archie about her scheme to get even with dear old dad.  Betty finds out prom queen voting has been slim.  Betty is a shoe-in for the position. So the Gargoyle King will make his move to get the Gargoyle Queen.  All this comes from the gospel, right?  Well, that’s not what happens.

As Betty is waiting for the crowning, she is standing alone when she receives a message from the Gargoyle King.  She is to come to where the game began.  Oh, good, we just needed a bathroom chalice theme here.  When Betty sees everything, she leaves only to see the Gargoyle King in the hall.  Naturally, she walks to the King, and being Betty, she issues a challenge.  Unfortunately, she forgot about her other fear, the Black Hood.  The Black Hood jumps out and tries to kill Betty.  Of course, Betty runs.  Of course, the Black Hood chases her.  Betty is still convinced it is Hal and tries to convince him that she’s his daughter.  She hits the Black Hood with a light and a hockey stick.  Nothing slows him down and I begin to wonder if I am watching "Riverdale" or a remake of Halloween.  Betty hides in a closet, pulls her phone and texts Jughead.  Just when it looks like the Black Hood is going to get her, Betty’s knight is shining armor, Jughead shows up to protect her.

Talking to FP, Bughead realizes that the gospel was a ploy to get Betty to buy into the story.  They now realize that there are two serial killers out there in the wildness of Riverdale.  Here I thought Black Hood ended in season two and we’ve got him teamed up with the Gargoyle King.  Can they please get rid of both by the end of two weeks?


Show of hands!  How many of you wondered how the show would rewrite Fred’s role after Luke Perry’s death.  The answer is simple.  We bring in Martha to play the concerned parent.  Her first act is to accept that Archie wants to box.  While she’s not happy, she basically gives her consent and tells him she is staying around until Fred returns because of the scary things going on in Riverdale.  Yea Martha!  You have stepped up the parent responsibility meter.

Betty meanwhile has gone to the new addition to the Farm to tell Alice what happened and that the Black Hood (which I forgot to mention now has a hook) was on the loose.  Betty thinks he is heading toward the Farm due to Alice and the twins.  Edgar shows up and offers to protect both of them.  Guess who joins the Farm for protection tonight!  That’s right Betty.  Can she have lost all her smarts?  Could this be a ruse?  Or is Betty just desperate for protection?

Next week:

Well, your guess is as good as mine.  I know from the preview that Archie fights Hiram with the loser leaving town.  Also, the Black Hood shows up and apparently drags Betty toward the door?  Could this be the end of our heroine?  Of course not!  What is Riverdale without Betty?

So my questions:

Is Hal still alive and trying to be Captain Hook (as in "Once Upon a Time")?  Forget it Hal.  Hook will always be Colin O’Donoghue.

How involved is Edgar in all of this?  With the mention of tattoos, you have to wonder?

Cheryl learning humility at the Farm?  Well, that will be a cold day in Hades, won’t it!

Oh, and just where has Reggie gone?  Has he gone down the “rabbit hole” to the Farm?