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  • Written by Linda Martindale

'Riverdale' Recap: Jawbreakers For All

"Riverdale," I sometimes hate you!  While I love the characters there are things this year that are driving me crazy!  First of all, The Farm!  How am I to believe that Alice would give up everything (well maybe not everything) for the love of a son she’s never known!  Let’s don’t even go into Cheryl.  We spent the whole first season with the Jason is dead and the "who killed him?" storyline.  I also hate the Gargoyle King.  How many more of these incarnations/copy cats/real things are there going to be?  Lastly, Fizzle Rock – and I won’t go there at all.  "Riverdale" please, get this over with before the season ends.

Now that the rant is over, let’s get into this week’s episode of "Riverdale."  You notice that I changed the episode title to “Jawbreakers for All?”  I mean it.  I feel like everyone has been left with their jaw wide open after this episode.  People are using “juice”.  I thought I saw this during the Olympics.  Betty finds out that her mother doesn’t love her?  Well, we’ve speculated about that all year.  And let’s not get into Jellybean and the threat she faces.  So where do we go first?

Archie and Veronica versus Elio’s Fight Club

Archie feels guilty over Baby Teeth but it doesn’t seem to be his fault.  While talking to his people at the gym, Mad Dog shows up and tells them about the El Royal tournament.  Turns out Archie’s club isn’t good enough to be invited.  Archie wants in but learns from Mad Dog that Elio is feeding his key fighter, Ron, some juice.  Ron and Archie have a grudge but Archie decides to take him on in the fight.

Enter Veronica who goes to Elio in a steam room to ensure Archie gets in.  Well, it Veronica arranges Archie’s entry through a sponsorship  — Archie’s club against Elio’s club.  For Archie to fight Ron, he must gain weight so Veronica feeds him burgers at the club.

Mad Dog stops by and tells Archie that Ron is on something that feeds his rage (more Fizzle Rock but who knows yet).   Ron has changed and Mad Dog tells Archie he only sees “rage” in Ron’s eyes.  Mad Dog gives him some of the “juice” and tells Archie that it’s his only way to win.  Will our dear boy take it?  Of course not!

Before the fight, Veronica stops by with a gift of trunks and robe for Archie to wear sponsoring Pop Tates.  We get a Luke Perry sighting tonight when Fred walks in and asks if something is building there.  Later at the fight, Ron is fed more “juice” by Elio and comes out mad.  Archie takes many hits and tells Coach Kline what is going on.  When Kline tries to stop the fight due to illegal drugs, Elio won’t do it unless Archie forfeits and Archie refuses.  Archie delivers a knock out blow to Ron which makes Elio mad.  After the ten count, Archie walks over to Ron who seems to be foaming at the mouth.  Just what did Elio give him?  Archie can’t rouse Ron and yells for a doctor.  Did Ron die?  This is "Riverdale" folks.  We won’t know for a while.

How the Farm Destroys Families

Betty is on a vendetta to get the goods on the Riverdale farm.  Edgar spends a story that he was a lost teenager and looking for something.  He wanders into a “farm” in the desert and is saved and finds his purpose in life by growing food and helping people.  Now, where have I heard this before?  It’s Easter week so I won’t go there.  Let me just say that I join Betty in her lack of faith in “Saint Edgar.”

At school, Cheryl has joined the fight to bring “The Farm” to Riverdale High.  While Toni tries to reason with her, Cheryl won’t be denied her vision of Jason that is helping her.  Jason was a part of her.  At the same time, Alice is giving her life (and maybe her hand) to Edgar in support of the farm.

While Toni tries to woes Cheryl back to her, Betty has to go a different route.  After a visit to Hal, Betty decides on a plan  She takes Alice to see “Charlie’s” grave.  When Alice denies it, Betty chloroforms her and leaves her in the bunker to hopefully deprogram Alice.  Betty has sense but she’s up against a help house (cough, cult) who has Alice so wrapped up the vision that she just can’t see anything but the false Charlie.  When Betty shows her photo albums, Alice denies that life.  In fact, Betty finds Alice burning the pictures after she returns to school.  Alice had the divorce and apparently is set to marry Edgar.

Betty goes to see Edgar about this and Edgar realizes he can’t draw Betty into the cult.  He tells her that she’s different from Alice and doesn’t need what he is offering.  I never thought I’d say this but Betty throws in the towel (boxing reference intended).  She takes Alice to Evelyn.  Is this the end of the Cooper family?  Well, Betty takes the papers to Hal who signs them but he wants out of prison and Betty to help him achieve that.

The Jones Men Versus the Gargoyle King

As FP and Jughead investigate Baby Teeth’s death, they realize that Kurtz is to blame.  The corner finds that this killing was more vicious in that Baby Teeth bled to death due to his teeth being pulled.  Add to that Baby Teeth had a matchbox from the Maple Club lodged in his throat.  Say what?  Wasn’t Baby Teeth too young to go there?  According to Penelope Blossom, he wasn’t.  While interviewing Penelope, a fight breaks out in the next week.  One of the girls has a knife-wielding guy in there.  He’s on Fizzle Rocks and having a bad reaction.  No, Penelope doesn’t give her guests Fizzle Rocks but this guy took it on his own.

FP and Jughead lead and go on the hunt for Kurtz to find out his supplier.  While this is going on, there are at least two more people who have an ugly reaction to the Fizzle Rock.  As they bring all to the prison, the Maple Club client is coming off the drug.  He admits Kurtz gave it to him.  Penelope calls with a clue. Some of Kurtz clients have been at the club and left a flyer about the fight.

FP and Jughead arrive with back up at the yard prior to the fight.  Kurtz is there doing a deal and he is cornered and captured.  As FP questions him, Kurtz admits that it is part of the Gargoyle King’s plan.  There is one final quest going on.  It’s the ultimate quest and is called Hell Catcher.  The Little Princess is in play.  Any guesses on who the Little Princess is?  That’s right!  It’s Jellybean who has been playing G and G.  While FP and Jughead look for her, her game master takes her out to the wood to meet the Gargoyle King.  What will happen?  Did you really expect that to be revealed in the promo for next week’s show?

Next Week’s Show

"Riverdale" next week looks to be full of action, threats, murder attempts and maybe some resolutions.  It went so quick, I’ll leave details at that.

So here are the items to ponder:

Will Jug and FP be too late to rescue the Little Princess Jellybean?

How does Jug’s mom play into this and does she have any idea of what is going on?

What retaliation is being planned and against whom?  Does it look like gunfire will be there?

At the end, who will be left standing?:  Jones family and friends or the Gargoyle King’s crew (that should be easy to guess since "Riverdale" has been renewed).

Is there any hope for the Coopers?  Has Betty lost her family forever?

Can The Farm be tied to the Gargoyle King and is Edgar the King?