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  • Written by Linda Martindale

'Riverdale' Recap - Chapter 50: Life's A 'Fizzle Rock' Party

"Riverdale" tonight is a celebration.  They’re celebrating FP’s 50th birthday (and the show’s 50th episode).  FP doesn’t look a day over 40,  Anyway, it’s to be a celebration but with all that is going on, can it be?  Will the Gargoyle King story make an appearance?  Will Gladys’s secret become known?  Does Archie strip his shirt off again tonight?  Will we find out about “The Farm?”  Will we see the gang together again?  Maybe some answers will come out but not all.  This is Riverdale after all?

Gladys and Her Plans for a Happy Family

So where to begin with Gladys on tonight’s "Riverdale?"  We’ve always known that she’s shady (remember Toledo).  I haven’t trusted her since she arrived in town but hey I’m a cynic anyway.  Even I didn’t suspect she was the buyer of the Cooper’s home!   The Joneses are going to be one big happy family and it’s at the Coopers to the surprise of all (except Gladys).   Betty and Jug talk about this interesting development with Jughead inviting Betty to move in with them.  Yeah, that would work, right?  Betty feels uncomfortable and I would too,

In addition, Gladys is still running a scam with Fizzle Rocks.  FP and Jug get called to a crime scene at Pop Tate’s and Veronica tells him that a junkie spilled Fizzle Rock over the table causing a scene.  Jug and Ron discuss who has started the redistribution – Jug thinks it is Hiram (of course) but Ron knows the truth.  Good old Gladys is running the drugs as she is trying to take over the town!

Later, after Reggie and Ron have a fight over him being a partner, Gladys shows back up with Reggie in tow.  Veronica sees a potential problem and volunteers to give FP’s 50th birthday party free at the club.  Gladys appreciates it and Reg admits he needed his car back.  Veronica has already told Betty about Gladys’s dirty deeds?  Can something more be planned?

Betty, Jughead and Archie End the Quest

Betty, Jughead, and Archie discuss the Red Paladin card first at Pop’s and later at the Bunker.  Their final decision is that the quest must end to give Archie some closure.  Jughead and Betty mean that the quest has to end and Archie does what idiot would do.  He goes to the source of the quest, Hiram Lodge.  Hiram admits that there were 12 “Kill the Red Paladin” cards made.  On learning this, they decide a new quest has to be given where if the Red Paladin (Archie) can defend a spot, he wins and the quest ends.

Archie goes to Hiram and asks for his help.  Since Hiram has already told him of the drop off site for the quest cards, he is feeling generous.  He gives Archie the keys to a gym for the final phase of the quest.  Is this the Hiram Lodge I have come to love/hate?  Must be but what gives?  Jug gets the Serpents to spread the word and Archie will take on any challenger with the “Kill the Red Paladan” card.

At the gym, Archie is waiting as the contestants arrive.  Archie wins each competition but gets the battle scars to prove it (that beautiful face!).  Betty realizes one card is missing.  Enter Ward Norton’s lap dog, Captain Golightly who plans to kill Archie.  It looks like Golightly may succeed but he gets a little too cocky.  As Golightly delivers a blow for Norton, Archie sees an opening.  With the killing blow, Golightly will kill Archie with a blow from him but Archie is ready and takes him down.  From now on Archie is free of the Red Paladin's curse (or is he)? On returning the keys, Hiram tells Archie to keep them and the gym as well.  Archie, of course, doesn’t trust Hiram Lodge (would you?) but Hiram tells him there are no strings attached.  Hey, Archie did save his life!  Guess Hiram decided to be nice, right.  Of course not – this will come back somehow in the future.

Toni and Cheryl’s Love – Is It Done?

Toni is always working at Veronica’s speakeasy with the Pretty Poisons and Cheryl doesn’t like it one bit.  She shows up at the club and finds Veronica and Toni singing.  This makes Cheryl mad and she leaves.  Later, Cheryl goes into the garden looking for Toni only to learn that she gave Cheryl’s grandmother? (or is it aunt) a chunk of change for rent.  This sets Cheryl off and she starts to plot.

Later Cheryl arrives at Veronica’s to gamble.  Toni is suspicious (as I would be) and watches Cheryl.  Cheryl is casing the joint and returns later to steal the money.  Toni is hiding and stops her and during the Archie fight scenes, we get a “hot time in the club that night” for Toni and Cheryl.  Toni tells Cheryl she realizes she is jealous of Toni’s leadership role and Cheryl denies it.  Toni doesn’t live being indebted to Cheryl which makes Cheryl mad.

Cheryl plans revenge.  She calls Kevin to the mansion where she is dressed like a Heather (yes, the movie/musical).  She informs Kevin that the school play will be the musical, "Heathers."  Kevin and “The Farm” have other ideas.  Their choice is “Godspell”.  Well, let’s just say that Cheryl gets her way (as she always does).  The “Heathers” it is with Cheryl playing Heather Chandler.  By the way, if you don’t know this 1980’s cult classic, hit Wiki or watch it.  You may be lost with the revenge theme if you don’t.

The Jones Family Troubles

FP has the Serpents first assignment.   He will pair them up with officers and they will go on patrol.  Of course, FP and Jughead are teamed.  Of course, their first call is the Fizzle Rock incident at Pop Tate’s,  Do I need to add that suspicious minds consider where the Fizzle Rock came from (oh that’s right I mentioned that above).  Veronica has told Betty about Gladys and she tells Jug.

While Archie’s quest is going on, the Serpents are looking into the Fizzle Rock situation.  They report back to Jug with the bad news that his mom is behind it.  Returning to FP’s, Jughead confronts Gladys.  Gladys has said she wanted a “do over” with FP.  What she wants is the American Dream.  When did the American Dream include a drug ring?  Jughead calls her selfish.  She tells Jughead not to tell FP because it will break him.  My question:  How does a loving mother do this to her only son?

At FP’s birthday party, you can tell FP’s not having a good time.  Then we get our Luke Perry sighting for the night when Fred walks up to wish him a happy birthday and welcome him to the neighborhood.  Gladys gives a welcome speech then calls Jughead up to deliver his speech to honor dad.  Betty asks him what he will say and you can see Jughead is struggling.  Jug looks at his family and doesn’t mention mom’s drug ring.  How long can he go without spilling the secret to FP?  Not long, I hope.

So where do we stand?:

Next week, we get the Heathers Musical.  Does Cheryl have revenge on her mind?  Will it involve something gross like a bomb?

How can Gladys treat her son the way she does?  Better yet, how long will Jughead take it?

What will FP do when he learns the truth?

Will Reggie and Ronnie get back together or is that love done?

When will Archie open his “fight club”?  Come on, you know that’s coming!