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'Riverdale' Recap: Chapter 45 — A Tale Of Two Cults

Okay, gang!  Ready for some "Riverdale" craziness?  Sure we all love the show but I want to start this recap with a brief salute to Luke Perry.  I might not have ever watched "Riverdale" except I wanted to see Luke as a dad.  He made Fred Andrews a person that everyone respected.  He brought a sense of reality to what others would deem a comic strip.  I must admit that it was funny to see Luke offering fatherly wisdom like he used to get on "Beverly Hills 90210."  To Luke’s family, his "Riverdale" family and his associates at "90210," he will be missed.  His fans will also miss his skill as an actor.  He made us believe in good fathers.  And it is only fitting that the show did the "In memory" placard at the end of tonight’s episode.

Betty’s Run-In with the Farm

Now on to Farmville, I mean Riverdale.  Is anyone else tired of the “Farm” seeming to be the main theme of this show?  So, let’s get through this as quickly and painless as we can.  Betty is on the hunt and has labeled it a cult.  She finds out they have convinced Kevin that it is the place for him.  Josie admits that he’s been sneaking out at nights to go to meeting with Evelyn Everheart.  When she finds them, he is getting ready to walk across a fire pit.

On Riverdale, the cape crusader is Betty.  She has been labeled a detractor (although I keep hearing in my mind several other cult-related labels) by the members of the cult (I mean Farm).  She is determined to bring it down and thinks she has enough to write a story about it and convince Josie’s mom and Kevin’s dad to act.  The only problem is Alice’s big mouth!  Yes, Alice has told everyone at “The Farm” about the little killing that happened at her house.  If Betty spills, they spill on Alice and Betty.

And Betty’s bad week continues.  She comes home from that confrontation to find Alice packing for the move because the house has been bought by a mysterious buyer.  Show of hands, please?  How many think it was the mysterious leader of the farm?  Betty is cleaning out her room and lights a candle almost putting her hand to the flame.  Alice stops it and tells Betty to come downstairs to pack.  Betty brings the burning candle with her.  Will she burn the place down?   Apparently, she does as she leaves the house and Alice returns to a wall of flame.  Either Betty did it or the Gargoyle King has come back into Alice’s life.

Jughead’s Lessons in Leadership

Riverdale High now seems to be the home of all gangs.  Only problem:  The Gargoyles seem to have joined the Serpents.  (I knew missing last week was a bad idea but I had to see if I was right about the Masked Singer.)  Back to the story though as Jughead is having problems with his new Gargoyle members.  A former member of the Gargoyles, Kurtz, is a piece of work.  I do believe he thinks he is in charge and Jughead is not sure how to handle it.  F. P. tells him that he’s got to remake the Serpents and basically tells Jug to make changes.

Jughead is trying but Kurtz is determined to have things his way.  All comes to head when Kurtz decides to drop Fang on his head over the banister at school.  First Kurtz steals, then he wants to kill.  A wonderful guy isn’t he?  But we do learn from him and his friends that there are other Gargoyles who are crazier than Kurtz.

F.P. shows up with a job offer and Jughead is all for it. F. P. offers to deputize the Serpents and it will give them credit in high school and help them with college. When Jughead offers the deal, it’s either you are in or out.  Guess who is the only one out!  Kurtz!  Why do I smell more problems coming from this character?

Archie’s Bad Week

I think Archie’s problem is somehow going to end up tied to Kurtz.   Archie finds a young boy named Ricky.  Ricky has the same brand as on his arm that Archie received from the Warden.  To make a 20 minute bit shorter, Ricky runs away to the old Gargoyle clubhouse.  There his name and Archie’s are marked for death.  Archie takes Ricky home with him.  Fred plans to find Ricky a home.  As Archie and Ricky bond, the social worker calls and tells Archie that Ricky is Joaquin’s brother.  Also, Ricky is a little bit crazy and homicidal.  Of course, that sets up the “stalker” scenario.  As Archie looks for Ricky, Ricky has set Archie up for the kill.  If Ricky kills Archie, the Gargoyles will protect him.  He slashes Archie with a knife, Fred arrives, and Ricky runs.  Archie and Fred find a card of the floor that says:  “Kill the Red Paladian.”  Will we ever finish with this Gargoyle bit?  Archie and Jughead go to the Gargoyle club which the Serpents are taking over and Archie realizes that he’s going to have to make this end.  Jughead and Betty are going to help him.

Veronica (and Reggie) Make Their Move

We know that Riverdale’s bad guys are now Gladys Jones and Hiram Lodge.  Now, we also know they want control of Veronica’s club.  To try and get out of debt, Veronica installs games of chance but somehow Hiram and Gladys find out and want to use it for their purposes.  Hiram wants to provide the cards while Gladys wants to sing.  When Gladys takes the stage, Hiram is hosting a visiting client.  The said client decides to heckle Gladys who draws a knife.  What is it with knives tonight?  And what is it with bad parents.  (Note to self:  Remember Fred and breathe deep.)

Veronica has had it and Reggie feels that they need the Serpents back for security.  Veronica has another plan.  She’s going to hire the Pretty Poisons to do that job.  Veronica meets with Toni and works out a deal.  When Veronica asks if Toni needs to talk to Cheryl, Toni tells her no and her girls will be on duty.  The next time the club opens its doors, the Pretty Poisons are on duty and (gleefully, it seems) tell Gladys and Hiram they are no longer welcome.  Gladys has to have an invitation and Hiram has to learn to respect his daughter’s business sense.  Somehow I don’t think this will go over well even though Hiram smiles.

A Quick Recap (with my thoughts)

So for a quick recap of our favorite characters:

Archie is targeted for death (like that will happen).

Jughead is now a deputy (things could be stranger).

Betty has apparently started a fire due to "The Farm" (why she didn’t do something there, I don’t know).

Veronica is standing up to her father and the new big bad (she better watch her back).

Kevin is a member of a cult (like I haven’t been predicting that "The Farm" was a cult for a while).

Josie and Reggie were present but only as confidants and support (which surprises me).

We’ve got two new rogue villains in place – Ricky and Kurtz.

The new cult in town is The Farm who seeks power and I feel has a tie to G & G.

And G & G isn’t over.  (Oh, please get "The Farm" out in the open and get G & G gone.  It wasn’t even this bad when it was played as Dungeon’s and Dragons).

Until next week, I’m out!