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‘A Million Little Things' Fall Finale: How Do Delilah’s Children React To The Pregnancy News?

"A Million Little Thing"s wrapped for 2018 last night. Don’t worry, it’s back in the New Year but for now the show has no new episodes. And what a way to leave it! As Delilah had to tell her children they would have another sibling, Maggie’s secret about chemo came out – literally!

Maggie’s Secret Is Out of the Bag

When Maggie learned that Gary had slept with Ashley, you can tell how it all went down. She was angry and that’s not surprising. Of course, she doesn’t get to say who he sleeps with when they’ve technically broken up, but she is allowed to feel hurt.

Well, Gary feels hurt too. As they argue, he blurts out the “I love you” and there’s the hope that it will all be good and cheery. That’s when Maggie throws up all over Gary.

As he realizes she’s changed her mind about getting treatment, he forgets all about the argument and being covered in vomit. He’s just happy she’s chosen to fight for her life, they kiss, and he decides to be with her through treatment the way Jon was there for him.

Eddie Sets Off on Tour

Meanwhile, Eddie is away on his tour. His friends are happy for him. Being in the band is something that he’s always wanted to do but his drinking got in the way. Now he gets that chance.

Katherine is happy for him. These two have been awesome since splitting up. While divorce can be messy and stressful, it looks like the two definitely made the right call. Of course, Katherine still wants her ex to be the man he is today so asks him kindly not to drink. Considering he can be around alcohol at Gary’s, I hope this isn’t going to be a problem moving forward.

The big issue is going to be Delilah’s pregnancy when Katherine (and it is a when) finds out that the baby is Eddie’s. That’s going to be super duper messy, especially since Katherine has now been called on for help from Delilah. When Delilah is served papers to vacate her house, she’s confused, believing she and Jon had paid off the house years ago.

Uh oh! Whatever financial mess Jon was in, it looks like it’s all coming out now. Seriously; why didn’t he talk to someone about this?

Delilah’s Pregnancy Secret Is Out

And that’s not the only issue for Delilah. She collapses and starts bleeding, making her fear that she’s losing the baby. She’s not, but she does need to go to the hospital and her children are understandably scared. They’ve only just lost their dad; they don’t want to lose their mom, too.

This leads to Delilah finally telling them that they’re going to have another sibling. How do they take it? Surprisingly well. Mind you, Delilah allows them (like everyone else) to think that the baby is Jon’s and not Eddie’s.

And it wouldn’t be a fall finale without some sort of cliffhanger. Rome shares that he wants to get off his antidepressants. Considering he’s only just gone onto them, it seems a little too early for this. I do hope that someone has a plan in place.

Oh, and we can’t forget that ending with Jon kissing Ashley. This took place the night before Jon took his life, so why did he kiss Ashley and what was going on in his mind? More importantly, who was this Barbara Morgan and is she who Constance Zimmer played in the pilot episode (something that A Million Little Things promised to touch on but hasn’t delivered yet).

What did you think of that fall finale? What questions do you have for when it returns in 2019? Who do you think Barbara Morgan is?

"A Million Little Things" returns on Thursdays at 9/8c from Jan. 17, 2019.