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  • Written by Linda Martindale

'Riverdale' Recap: A Story Tells A Story

"Riverdale" is fast approaching its mid-winter break and after last week, we need a minute to catch our breath.  I’m sorry I missed the recap last week but the real world got the better of me.  What can I say about last week?  Well, can I catch my breath first?

Let’s celebrate Archie’s finally being found not guilty.  Notice that I didn’t say innocent.  Nothing on Riverdale is what we expect.  He got free due to the bribe exchange but there was no talk of giving him an innocent verdict.  Now we need them to figure out how Hiram Lodge was involved.  Both the sheriff (prison maybe?) and the Warden (G & G death) have been found crooked

And on that note, I have to ask?  Why does playing G & G lead toward seizures?  What kind of drugs is being given that causes the seizures (too many to count) and the confusion (Jughead)?  At least Jughead snapped out of it enough to travel with Archie.

And that brings me to Betty.  This farm and the convent hold more clues to whom the Gargoyle is.  I have my ideas and if the secret isn’t revealed by the mid-winter break, I may take the time and speculate.  Of course with Riverdale, that could cause them to change the script.  Anyway – away we go on Riverdale tonight.

Archie and Jughead’s Great Adventure

So tonight Jughead and Archie have left the train tracks for a very quiet and mysterious farm and town.  As they get to the farm, Laurie and Gracie stop them with a gun.  Friendly folks, right people?  Well, just wait it may get worse. It is Riverdale after all. Jug and Archie start out smart and lie about who they are.  They find a place to stay for the night in exchange for farm work (of which only Archie does his share).  After a dinner of stew, Archie is up and working before Jug gets up.  While Jug goes into town, Archie continues to help the girls.

Jug is shocked in town.  The only people that Jug sees are women and girls.  He speaks to an older woman who tells him that the town is so different since Fizzle Rocks arrived!  Fizzle Rock?  Is this a new candy or a drug?  According to the woman it is a drug and more surprising, Jug finds the town girls playing G & G.  Archie meanwhile gets a literal shave from Laurie who seems to want more.  When she finds out that he has a girlfriend, she steps back.  Then the numbskull admits that his name is Archie Andrews and things change (and not for the better).  She fixes him some eggs but isn’t through.  Isn’t it nice that Archie has a hard head because Laurie hits him with the frying pan!

When Jug returns, he finds Archie “all tied up” in more ways than one.  Archie is confused because of Laurie’s actions.  Jug has seen Hiram arrive.  While Archie wants to stay and fight and kill Hiram to end the vendetta, Jug convinces him to leave.  As Laurie takes Hiram to the barn we learn that the deal is Archie in exchange for the return of her father and brother.  They open the door and find Archie gone.  Well, we have one good outcome folks.  Archie is back to not being a killer.  He’s on the run but safe at least for now.  What is this power that Hiram Lodge seems to have?  I have my suspicions and it isn’t pretty.

Veronica’s Hopes and Dreams

Veronica can’t take it anymore so she has decided to leave home (am I hearing the Beatles song?).  Well, mommy doesn’t like it and has no idea where Veronica is going but her daddy dearest does.  Why am I hating Hiram even more?  Maybe it is because he’s in everyone’s story tonight.  Anyhow, Veronica is sleeping at her club and even beats Pop upstairs for breakfast.  Sure enough, daddy arrives and tries to convince her to come home to no avail.

Veronica realizes the club isn’t making money because of the teens.  All they are doing is playing G & G.  My question is:  why aren’t they in school?  Anyway, Veronica decides to do a “Casino” night and calls in Mr. 21, Elio for help.  They agree that he will help her for 35% of the take.  Reggie’s a little worried but Veronica has a plan.  Of course, Hiram finds out and calls Veronica to his office for a meeting.  He knows that Elio will cheat and tells Veronica how to win.  At Casino night, Reggie tells Ronnie that Elio is winning every hand.  Veronica, who has gotten a second mortgage on Pop’s, offers to play one hand as winner takes all.  She wins and scores!  Why is Elio suddenly looks like Elmo.  Maybe he needs a friend.

Ronnie tells Reggie that her father told her to bring in a special dealer, Johnny Goldwater.  The dealer has slick hands and he deals the exact card Ronnie needs to win.  While Ronnie feels good about the night, Pop Tate has a problem with what she has done.  He has always run the place the way his father wanted – a crime free zone.  Pop doesn’t want her to become like Hiram and she feels she thinks that sometimes her father gives good advice.  Well, Ronnie now knows the truth.  The Sheriff’s body has turned in in the marsh minus his head and with his hands sawed off.  Why do I smell a rat by the name of Hiram?  (Yes, I know.  I pin all the bad stuff on him but most of the time he is behind it.)

Betty Convent School or Something More?

Betty is now the narrator and we learn that she is trying to act normal.  They show her ink spots and Betty gives her answers that she thinks Sister Woodhouse wants.  When Betty gets In line with the rest, she is given Fizzle Rocks (enough with ruining this candy).  Betty realizes it is a drug and throws it away in her room.  Guess who her roomie is?  Not only is Betty the only sane person in this place, now she has to share a room with Ethel who is major crushing on Jughead.  Ethel is one of the Gargoyle King’s disciples (yes I used that word).  Betty will probably never get to meet him according to Ethel.  It also seems that the Gargoyle King wants Ethel with Jug (say, what?).  Add to that the fact that Ethel knows that Betty didn’t take her “Fizzle Rock” candy but promises not to tell.  Yeah, right.  You know Ethel can’t keep a secret!

The next day, a shipment of molasses arrives in a delivery from one of the Blossoms.  He’s followed closely by the man in black that the girls have seen.  The man in black is none other than Hiram Lodge who gives Sister Woodhouse a package.  As Betty continues her sleuthing, she reaches the Gargoyle’s King room in time to hear a girl scream.  What happens behind that door?  I have my suspicions and I’m not amused.

Betty gets a paper clip and decides she needs to read her records.  She gets into a fight with Ethel about Jughead.  She falls and fakes a seizure which gets her to the infirmary.  There she finds her records and sees that Hiram Lodge is behind her treatment.  Did Alice know this?  If so, she’s crazier than I thought.  As Betty tries to find a way out, Ethel and Sister Woodhouse find her.  Betty is forced to take the drug and dragged to the Gargoyle’s King room. They toss her in and we hear Betty scream.  What goes on behind that door and why do I feel it has ties to not only Hiram but Penelope Blossom? (Whoops, I have revealed part of my thoughts on the identity here.  Can you guess what it is?)  The next day, Betty takes her medicine and is as stoned as the rest of the group (except for Ethel).  Her ink blot responses give Sister Woodhouse the responses she wants and Betty sees the Gargoyle King standing behind the sister.

Clues or Are We Fools

Okay, we have a few answers tonight.  The man in black is Hiram Lodge who has been working to get rid of Archie and apparently introduce a new drug into the world called Fizzle Rocks.  Fizzle Rocks reminds me of something like Pixie Sticks of the 60s.  Back on track though because the Fizzle Rocks have moved beyond Riverdale.  Hiram is rounding up men and teens to build a prison.  The Blossoms are involved and if I remember correctly, Penelope not only played G and G but was promised the “red light” district in Southside by Hiram Lodge.   Betty may have found something very dangerous which makes me ask:  how much does Alice know and participate?  What are the ties between the convent school and the farm?  How does it tie to Hiram Lodge?

Sheesh with the clues came more questions didn’t it and next week doesn’t look much better.  Will we get any “real answers” before the mid-winter break?

Next week:  Let’s just say that previews are confusing (aren’t they always).  We do get to see Jug’s mom and Jelly Bean.  Is that town in the same situation as the last or will Jug and Archie get answers?  And just who declares war?  While it looks like Cheryl, I thought she was too into G & G to think straight.