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‘The Gifted’ Fall Finale Recap: Which Side Will Andy Choose?

"The Gifted" fall finale brought us a few answers but plenty of cliffhangers. As Madeline Risman continued her research to bring an end to the X-gene, Reeva put a plan in motion that would change the whole world. Meanwhile, Jace rallies the Purifiers into a dangerous militia.

Andy Struggles with His Conscience

It opens with a flashback to a year ago, with Rebecca with her family. Her parents are clearly worried and somewhat scared about their daughter’s abilities. The flashback ends with Sentinel Services turning up to take Rebecca because her parents turned her in.

Back in the present day, Rebecca is now back with the Inner Circle. Sage has her locked inside a prison with darkness, movement, and noise. It’s a disorientating mess to prevent her from twisting herself out.

What’s more important is how this is affecting the rest of the Inner Circle. Andy isn’t happy about how Rebecca is being treated and isn’t going to help Reeva. He’s also having a crisis of conscience, unsure that it was all worth it. Polaris is sure that the Mutant Homeland will happen, but Andy isn’t certain about it.

When Reeva attempts to manipulate him, Andy decides to pack a bag to leave. First, he frees Rebecca from her prison. Instead of leaving, Rebecca decides to head up to the penthouse and “take care” of the Inner Circle. Just as she’s about to kill everyone, Andy uses his power and pushes Rebecca away. Her neck snaps and she dies.

Polaris is the one able to get through to Andy. She knows what he feels and that Rebecca was an innocent in all this turned evil. She also shares that the plan is to hit the DC HQ where the collars are made. They can take the whole thing down.

The Struckers Attempt to Stop Madeline Risman’s Research

Lauren admits to her parents that Madeline doesn’t want to help just the Struckers. She wants to eliminate all mutants through science. The problem is not letting Madeline use the research to make the serum, Reed won’t be cured. He refuses to risk every mutant on Earth just to be cured. He’s willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

One thing the Struckers do decide to do is find out more about Reed’s X-gene and the work Madeline wants to do. She doesn’t just want to block Reed’s gene but turn it off completely.

Meanwhile, Lauren tries to find out where her blood is being stored. While she’s not meant to go down to Cold Storage, she manages to wangle her way in and see the whole security system.

If only things were so easy. Madeline learns that Lauren’s DNA has two versions of the X-gene and that could be linked to how Lauren and Andy’s powers get more powerful when they’re connected. Their DNA is connected.

When the Struckers head down to the lab later, they’re caught by Madeline. However, an impassioned speech from the Struckers, Noah realizes that Madeline has never wanted what is best for him but what is best for her. He removes the chip that has been keeping his abilities under control and destroys all of Madeline’s work.

Thunderbird Takes Things Too Far

Eclipse struggles to deal with the loss of his daughter, but Thunderbird needs him on side. It’s time to go after Regimen Technologies, as that’s the link they currently have to the Inner Circle. All Eclipse wants in return is to take the first shot against Reeva. Thunderbird isn’t arguing with that.

The current plan is the kidnap a systems analyst from the company. Blink isn’t happy with the idea, but Thunderbird doesn’t see a choice. Of course, things don’t work out to plan. There was a security guard and Blink had to portal their guy into the trunk of the car and then portal herself and Thunderbird out. The only good thing from the mission was they got the guy.

This whole mission continues to create a rift between Blink and Thunderbird. It’s clear Thunderbird is just desperate, but Blink can’t stick around to see it happen. He even goes as far as threatening their prisoner, which does finally lead to the employee admitting that the company controls all the collars used in prisons. The Inner Circle will attack one of the prisons and now the Regimen employee is tasked with figuring out which one.

Just as the employee finds something, Fade attacks and kills the employee. Thunderbird and Eclipse manage to stop him fading and then taken him with them when they run.

Jace Creates a Militia

Jace Turner continues to throw himself into the beliefs of the Purifiers. Right now, all he wants is for Purifiers everywhere to watch and report. He wants any mutant threat called in, so they can work together as a citizen militia to stop the mutant violence.

Of course, with the militia, everyone hears about the fight between Thunderbird, Eclipse, and Fade. This leads to the big climax of The Gifted fall finale. 

The Inner Circle manage to destroy the tech for the collars, helping to release all the mutants in prisons everywhere. Thunderbird, Eclipse, and Fade are attacked by the Purifiers, with Thunderbird trapped between truck and Dumpster. As Eclipse and Fade get away, Thunderbird is captured by the Purifiers.

What did you think of The Gifted’s fall finale? Did Noah make the right decision? Has Reeva manipulated Polaris and Andy?

The Gifted Season 2 returns in the New Year.