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‘A Million Little Things’ Recap: How Does Everyone React to Maggie’s Secret?

"A Million Little Things" returns after a two week break and it’s time to “Fight or Flight.” Friendships are tested this week, as Eddie pulls Gary up for breaking up with Maggie while Regina tests her restaurant menu on her friends. Meanwhile, Maggie’s secret is completely out.

Eddie Considers a New Apartment

For Eddie, the episode starts with him and Gary looking at a new apartment for Eddie to rent. Everything looks perfect and Eddie’s credit score checks out, but then it comes to the lease. It’s a minimum of one year and suddenly Eddie isn’t too sure.

He’s still living day-to-day and has no idea what’s going on with Katherine, with Delilah, and with everyone around him. Gary calls him out on refusing to commit to a year, which leads to Eddie calling Gary out on letting Maggie slip away. It has to be Gary’s fault, because he always pushes potential girlfriends away.

When Gary decides to head to Chicago to see Maggie’s friend Tom and get him to convince Maggie to get treatment, he learns that there was a guy called Chad in her life and she’s not let anyone in since then. By the time Gary returns to Boston, he makes it clear that Eddie can remain on the couch as long as he needs.

Katherine Moves On

Throughout the episode, Regina hosts a menu tasting. It’s necessary as the menu is the most important part of the business and she’s scared her restaurant will fail. All the friends are invited, which certainly means things could be awkward. After all, Katherine is one of those invited. Considering everything with Eddie and Delilah, it’s the last thing Katherine wants to do.

However, Eddie mentions that he wants her to be happy after finding out that Katherine and Hunter went out for dinner one night. That gives Katherine the courage to invite Hunter to the menu tasting. While the night doesn’t quite go to plan for the others, Katherine and Hunter do kiss.

Maggie’s Secret Is Out

As for the others, Maggie finally tells Regina, Rome, and Delilah that she’s dying of cancer and she refuses treatment. At first, they want her to get treatment but realize collectively that this is Maggie’s choice. Right now, all she needs is a group of friends to support her in her decision.

That hits a raw note for Maggie. She never wanted a group of friends because she doesn’t want them to feel any pain when she’s dead. Gary isn’t on the same page as everyone else. When he turns up at the menu tasting, he is angry that everyone else is okay with her refusing treatment, likening it to suicide. What a way to end a night!

Throughout the episode, we see her having a dream of herself and a guy called Chad in a plane. The plane keeps crashing and Chad keeps drinking, as Maggie tries to help him.

At one point, Rome shows up in the dream to also try to help. It mirrors the real world, where Rome is the one who sincerely wants to help Maggie live her life to the fullest. He also finds out that Chad was her brother. Due to depression, he drank to self-medicate and died in a crash. It’s something she has always blamed herself for. This is part of the reason she refuses to fight the cancer.

While alone and packing her boxes (which she’s doing so her parents don’t have to box up her things after she’s died), she suffers a pain in her stomach and then collapses. Fortunately, it’s not the fall finale, so we’ll get to find out next week just what’s to come for Maggie.

What did you think of Maggie’s dreams? Do you love Rome’s unwavering support? Did Katherine make the right choice to move on?

A Million Little Things airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.