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‘Station 19’ Fall Finale Recap: Can The Firefighters Weather The Storm?

It’s the "Station 19" fall finale already and it picks up with the exact same storm that ravaged Seattle in Grey’s Anatomy. While we watched the doctors end up with themselves and patients stuck in elevators during a power cut, what would the Station 19 team find themselves stuck with for the winter cliffhanger?

Sullivan Turns to Andy for Advice

Off the back of the last episode, Sullivan and Andy met for coffee. There’s nothing romantic (at least, not yet). Sullivan wants to know how to lead the team better and it’s admirable turning to one of the lieutenants to show that he wants to improve. 

Andy’s advice? It turns out to be the same as her dad’s. A good leader will come out of the office (and we just have to look at Chicago Fire to know how Boden has cemented himself as a good leader, so Sullivan can take some tips from him). Andy also shares that Sullivan needs to be a little more personal with the team. That doesn’t mean telling his life story but give them something meaningful to work with.

After Sullivan decides to dismiss Andy’s advice, she’s clearly disappointed but there’s not much time to dwell. Andy is invited to Friendsgiving on Dean’s houseboat with the rest of the team. The only problem is Ryan is there, who hasn’t spoken to her since he overheard Andy talking to his dad. Yeah, that was awkward, but she was being a good friend in that moment.

It doesn’t matter because Ryan’s mind is on something else: his dad is wanted by the FBI for fraud. Now his crimes have crossed state lines and they’re in Seattle knowing that’s where Greg was originally from. After taking advice from Pruitt, Ryan decides to ignore the warrant out for now to spend a day with his dad. With the storm, he can say he didn’t get great cell reception.

In the end, though, Ryan does tell his dad there’s a warrant out for his arrest. Now it’s up to Greg. Will he lose his relationship with his son by going on the run or will he let his son take him to the police station?

Friendsgiving Called Off for the Day

Because of the storm, the day off for the firefighters doesn’t remain a day off. This storm has caused multiple accidents and trees have fallen. The team is needed. They’re not going to leave the food though and take it to the station house.

As Fire Chief Ripley and Maya go out on patrol together, Sullivan and Andy are stuck together. The call takes Sullivan and Andy to the spot Sullivan’s wife had died. He pushes back the memories to help the current patient who was out in the storm when hit by a vehicle. The storm causes more havoc as the ambulance isn’t stable and it’s impossible to get the woman to the hospital.

One thing this incident does is give Sullivan a chance to open up to Andy. Thankful for the honor, Andy refused to ask questions. She respectfully listened and took what he gave. It’s a start.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team was called out to a guy stock in his carport. Originally a laughing matter since the guy makes a point with his mother, wife, and infant twins he was happy in the carport for a while, it soon turns dangerous. The house behind the carport catches fire and the man’s family is still in there.

Maya stepped up during the incident, proving she’s ready for the promotion. At one point, it looked like Ben was going to be trapped in the house, but with Maya’s leadership and his ability to stay calm in a situation, he managed to get out.

The day was what Maya needed to get the promotion. While it’s a good thing, it means Maya will need to move on.

But does it? After all, Jack’s PTSD raised its ugly head again. Everyone watched Jack lose control and lash out at Ryan, including Pruitt.

It looked like everyone was going to make it out unscathed, but this is Shondaland. The "Station 19" fall finale ended with Andy and Sullivan’s truck going off the mountain top.

What did you think of the intense situations? Will Andy and Sullivan escape unscathed? Share your thoughts about the fall finale.

Station 19 returns in the New Year with all-new episodes.