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  • Written by Alexandria Gunn

Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Does Teddy Finally Tell Owen About the Baby?

The "Grey’s Anatomy" fall finale jumps straight into the major problem for the night. There’s a major storm in the area and people take shelter at the hospital. Of course, there are patients, as well. With Karev and Jo are stuck in their apartment, meaning Bailey takes over as Chief again.

Betty Turns Back Up

Amelia has a patient with a selfie stick through her head. While the patient is alive and conscious right now, Amelia is worried the patient will be brain damaged afterwards. Her worry was right, but there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

The patient that died on Amelia’s table is an organ donor and a match for Cece, who is getting much closer to death. Can something good come from this storm? Intern Helm wastes no time rushing out of the OR to get news to Bailey.
With the storm, the organs can’t go anywhere else, so they automatically go to Cece. DeLuca points out that she wasn’t the next on the list and there’s a high risk of death. Cece is willing to take that risk, as long as Meredith is.
Before going in the surgery, Amelia sees Betty in the hospital. She’s back after being missing for three days. Betty returned to get clean and immediately admits that she’s high.  When Amelia has to deliver the sad news to the patient’s mother, she rushes to Betty in the ER making it clear Betty is always welcome to come back.

Truths Come Out

As Maggie rants to Meredith about Jackson, Meredith doesn’t listen and it annoys Maggie. Breaking doctor-patient confidentiality, Meredith tells Maggie about Catherine. Jackson will need Maggie right now, so if she still loves Jackson, Maggie needs to be with him right now.

Meanwhile, Owen, Teddy, and Jackson find themselves in a surgery together. Once the surgery is good, Teddy decides it’s time to tell Owen about the pregnancy. Of course, it’s in front of everyone, including Jackson.

Schmidt also gets the chance to talk to Nico and throw out some truths. Nico may be experienced when it comes to guys, but he clearly doesn’t know everything. After an incident outside that leads to the two being stuck in an ambulance for safety, Schmidt tells Nico that he’s not ashamed about the kiss but liberated. There’s a sense of Dr. Hahn’s storyline from way back in the Grey’s Anatomy early days in this positive storyline. And yes, Nico and Schmidt get it on in the ambulance.

Bailey and Webber also share their truths. After Webber tells Bailey that he’d been arrested (and bailed out by Meredith), Bailey admits that she and Ben have taken a break. Webber throws a few home truths her way, including that she needs help of her own as she tries to fix her inside from the outside.

As patients are taken to ORs at the end for necessary surgeries, an electrical pole goes down. Electricity goes out and all the elevators (with patients) stop. Amelia, Owen, and Teddy are stuck in one, Meredith and DeLuca who had just talked about their feelings for each other are stuck in another, and Bailey and Helm are stuck with their organ donor in another.

That’s where we’re left with the Grey’s Anatomy fall finale. We’ll have to wait for the New Year to find out how it all plays out.