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  • Written by Alexandria Gunn

‘The Gifted’ Recap: Whose Side Is the Mutant Underground On?

Things get complicated in The Gifted Season 2, Episode 7 tonight. Titled “No Mercy,” that’s exactly what is shown by the majority of the mutants and humans alike. I just have one question: whose side are the mutants in the underground on?

More About Reeve

The flashback this week is all about Reeva and it’s about time. We see a younger version of the character watch her friend knifed down by humans outside a mutant activist meeting. It’s no wonder that Reeva has such a negative view of people, but she’s never really wanted to kill and cause bloodshed for her cause.

What she does know is that revolutions are never peaceful and bloodless. She’s willing to do what needs to be done now so others don’t have to. Part of that is the bank heist. It’s time to steal from Creed Financial.

With Lorna able to disable the communications and the Frost sisters able to control the bank employees, Rebecca can get in and open the vault. Where’s Andy? He’ll offer Rebecca some protection. There’s just one problem: the bank has mutant detector systems.

Fortunately, Reeva has been working her way into Creed banker Quinn’s life. When she invites him to a fancy dinner, he’s ambushed and Reeva forces him to disable the security system with a drive to put into the servers. Of course, when he learns that his sons are at risk, Quinn doesn’t argue.

But why Creed of all banks? It turns out the fortune was build off mutant exploitation and oppression. A natural target for a mutant operation, then.

The Mutant Underground Divided

As for the Mutant Underground, they’re no threat to the Inner Circle right now. Everyone is divided. With Reed’s powers out of control, the only option is to get him back to the clinic they were when the Purifiers attacked.
Meanwhile, there are suspicions and arguments. It turns out Blink has been connecting with the Morlocks and helping them. John is shocked (and also shocked to find out that some in the Underground believe the Inner Circle is doing right) and stressed. He can’t lead this ragtag bunch.

Are the writers struggling with what to do or is this storyline going somewhere? Right now it’s hard to tell, but I’ll keep watching The Gifted to find out.

Jace Moves Up the Ranks

Meanwhile, things are looking good for our former Sentinel Services man. Jace Turner is working his way up the ranks of the Purifiers thanks to his actions in the last episode – remember when he killed Shatter? Moving up the ranks leads to Jace being invited to meet TV news host Benedict Ryan, the Purifiers’ biggest supporter.

Benedict wants Jace to tell the world about the events in Atlanta and the lies Sentinel Services has spread. Jace doesn’t want to betray some of the friends he sort of still has in there, but the Purifiers do point out that the friends haven’t been loyal to him. So, Jace decides to go along with the plan just as the bloodiest attack happens at the bank.

The Bank Heist Doesn’t End Happy

Just as it looks like the Inner Circle manage to control the Creed assets without bloodshed, Rebecca turns. All the pain and anger she feels to break into the vault is then turned on the humans. Just as the lead banker tells the mutants they should be wiped off the planet, Rebecca uses her abilities on every single human in the bank. She literally turns them all inside out.

It’s horrifying, although The Gifted does spare us from the bloodshed and inside-out bodies. What it does give us is a chance to see that Reeva never actually wanted this. She’s angry and upset that Quinn has also been killed and that means his sons are now orphans. She never wanted bloodshed but she new it was never going to be painless and bloodless.

Not only is the Mutant Underground becoming divided, but so is the Inner Circle as they struggle with actions of a few.
What did you think of Reeva’s plan and horror at the end? Did Jace do the right thing? Can John lead the broken Mutant Underground?

The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on FOX.