'Hustle In Brooklyn' Episode 4 Recap: You Ain't Brooklyn

On Tuesday night’s episode Hustle in Brooklyn, the Darnell and Danny saga leads to yet another huge blow up. 

Danny takes a very casual business meeting with Jesse to ask him about his talent management services, as a potential replacement to Darnell. She also asks about his relationship status with Ivy. He denies their exclusivity, despite Ivy claiming otherwise just the day before at brunch with the ladies.

Santos puts together a performance for Azia, with a live band, to see if she’s ready for touring. During her rehearsal, Ivy confronts Danny about her inappropriate meeting with Jesse. Danny catches her off guard when she drops the bomb that Jesse doesn’t even claim her.  Santos steps in to de-escalate another Danny involved confrontation. 

Word gets back to Darnell that Danny has taken a meeting with Jesse, and he is not happy about it at all. He takes the opportunity to confront Jesse after Azia’s show. The conversation between the two quickly intensifies from a discussion to a showdown, with both men having to be physically held back.

Tune in next Tuesday at 10pm ET/9pm CT to find out the aftermath of Darnell and Jesse’s confrontation, and if Danny and Ivy make up.