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  • Written by Alexandria Gunn

‘A Million Little Things’ Recap: What Happens During a Game of Dare?

Gary and Maggie get into a game of dares on A Million Little Things Episode 7, but it’s interrupted when Rome has to go to the hospital. Last week, Regina learned that Rome had tried to kill himself and now she’s not sure whether his stomach pain is medical or because he’s tried to take his own life again.

Rome Goes To The Hospital

It’s a difficult episode for Regina, who isn’t sure what to believe or what to do anymore. After finding the suicide note, she’s left feeling scared. It’s not surprising that when Rome suffers crippling stomach cramps in the bathroom that Regina fears the worst. When a doctor suggests they treat him for an overdose, she agrees.

This brings the group of friends to the hospital. Gary sits in Rome’s room while Rome has to drink charcoal to help counter the potential overdose and Rome admits that he doesn’t want to die. He says this just as Regina walks in, and it’s just what she needed to hear.

It turns out the pain was just from a kidney stone. But no matter how small, it opened up a large wound between the couple. It does mean they’re on the journey to reconnect and mend, though. It’s going to be a long journey but they’re on it.

Delilah Gets Her First Scan

Rome isn’t the only one in the hospital. Delilah has a scan that Regina was supposed to go with her for. Now that Regina is with Rome, Delilah considers not going at all. Eddie decides that he’ll go with her, giving both parents a chance to see the baby. Of course, they’re still agreed for now that they’ll pretend the baby is Jon’s.

Eddie has to leave the room when he hears the baby’s heartbeat. He’s too emotional to remain in the room and later clearly doesn’t regret anything, knowing they created a life.

This is certainly something Eddie needed. He agrees to sell his son to a young singer, but at the same time offers this singer some advice: put down the alcohol.

Gary and Maggie Play Their Dare Game

Throughout the episode, Gary and Maggie play a game of dares. Maggie is up first and she calls into a radio talk show to berate the therapist who she knows makes assumptions. After telling the woman the advice comes out of a fortune cookie, the therapist hangs up on her.

After that, Gary has to run a lemonade stand and get a photo. It’s creepy, especially when he asks a kid to snap a photo of him. When he fails to get a photo, Maggie decides to dare him to sing “I’m Still Standing” at the ramen noodle place they’re getting lunch.

In the end, both sing and it brings up the point of everything Maggie is going to miss out on with Gary. It’s not going to be easy. One thing Maggie worries about is not being missed or feeling like she wasn’t there, so Gary faces his fear of heights and puts up a “Maggie was here” sign. 

Now it’s Maggie’s turn for a dare and Gary dares her to take chemo. It starts another argument between them. AS bruises start forming on Maggie’s body, Gary can’t deal with the fact she’s refusing to get treatment. In the end, it looks like Maggie may just choose to get treatment after all.

Maggie isn’t the only person Gary is helping. Delilah and Jon’s son has a date – a boy at school. Poor Danny can’t tell his mom he’s gay. When Danny gets home it looks like he’s ready to tell his mom the truth but bottles it.

What did you think of Rome and Regina’s start to mend their relationship? Did Eddie make the right choice to sell his song? Will Maggie get treatment? 

"A Million Little Things" airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.