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‘Station 19’ Recap: Will Ben Leave His Job?

"Station 19" picked up with Bailey not long after we saw her in "Grey’s Anatomy." Ben’s day off meant an important talk for the couple, as Bailey makes it clear that his job is killing her. Meanwhile, Maya puts in her lieutenant application and it causes ripples throughout the firehouse.

Jack Moves In With Dean

Last week, we saw Jack start to invade Dean’s boathouse. It became Jack’s safe space. In this week’s episode, Jack took things a step further. When Dean allowed Jack to move in after a sob story about growing up in foster care, Jack started to move everything around.

Jack takes things way too far when he started opening Dean’s mail. That did lead to Jack finding out that it was Dean’s birthday, something that Dean hasn’t made common knowledge. Finding out that Jack had opened a package pushes Dean over the edge, and rightly so. It was time for some house rules.

Of course, Jack wants to throw Dean a birthday party. There’s a reason Dean hasn’t really told anyone about his birthday, but Jack doesn’t respect Dean’s wishes again. Everyone apart from Ben (who is “enjoying” a day off) was invited to this party.

Why didn’t Dean want to celebrate his birthday? It turns out that his family wants him to stop being a firefighter. This isn’t like Bailey or Grant wanting their significant others to quit for their safety. Dean’s family wants him to join the family business or they’d cut him off financially. Some parents really need to let their children live their lives!

Andy Learns Maya’s Secret

If only it was all about the party. During the party, Fire Chief Ripley pays a visit and congratulates Maya for finally filling out her lieutenant application. Yes, it is about time, but Andy doesn’t see it that way. Andy is hurt that her best friend would keep something this big from her.

Andy goes on and on about how hurt she is. Not once does she really give Maya a chance to talk and by the time Maya has that opportunity, she decides against it. Honestly, considering the big secret between Andy and Jack at the start of the series, Andy doesn’t really get to complain about Maya not telling her something.

When Maya walks away, Jack is the one that follows her. Jack is clearly threatened by Maya’s decision to move up the ranks, seeing it as her coming after his job. This does set up a competition between them and it’s possibly a healthy competition. That is until they both end up interested in Officer Kingsley, who is there to teach the firehouse about CPR.

Their rivalry turns into some friendly banter, sure to annoy Andy even more. Andy isn’t the only one annoyed; Captain Sullivan is and is disappointed most in Maya’s behavior.

However, the annoyance in the CPR class is just the tip of the iceberg for Sullivan on the day. It’s the anniversary of his wife’s death, a death he blames himself for because he was the first responder on the scene at the time. Ripley was the one who had to take over the call because, naturally, Sullivan wasn’t in a state to do so.

Ripley gets it and that’s why he steps in when Sullivan shouts at Maya for laughing during the class in front of everyone. Andy steps up for her friend and Ripley makes sure there will be no trouble afterward. This is just what Maya needs to see that Andy does have her back. After a heart to heart, the two are friends again.

What About Ben And Bailey?

Of course, many Grey’s Anatomy fans would tune into Station 19 to find out Bailey’s next move. After acknowledging that Ben’s job is the cause of her stress, she asks him to quit. It’s not like he doesn’t have a job to fall back on, anyway.

Ben doesn’t want to quit though. He loves his job, even if it does scare the living daylights out of Bailey. After she pleads with him, making it clear that he is literally breaking her heart, she decides that it’s time he leave. She needs some time alone, so Ben moves into the firehouse temporarily.

Are you worried about Ben and Bailey? Did you love that Andy stood up for Maya? What did you think of Dean’s family’s ultimatum? 

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