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‘A Million Little Things’ Recap: What Does Ashley Know?

You know how women are portrayed as the ones who spread the gossip and can’t keep secrets? Well, that’s not the case in "A Million Little Things." Right away, Rome shares Delilah’s little affair baby secret and soon enough, his own secrets are out. How does the rest of the group react?

Eddie Learns the Truth

It’s game night at Rome and Regina’s house and as they prepare, Rome needs to know who the father is. Could it be Jon or is it definitely Eddie? Gina never asked this question because, well, is it really that relevant for them? Surely only the soon-to-be-parents-again need to know right now?

Of course, the baby was already knowledge to the group. They all just thought the same thing as Rome: that it was Regina’s pregnancy test. Naturally, this is a conversation for the group because they want to congratulate Gina on her pregnancy. And the secrets are spilled.

Delilah does decide to tell Eddie the truth. And it’s the whole truth. The baby isn’t Eddie’s. It’s Jon’s and that really hurts Eddie. It’s not the baby but the fact that Delilah was still having sex with her husband. In a way, Eddie feels like Delilah has cheated on him. Someone might want to tell him that he was the other man.

Rome’s Secrets Are Out

When Regina’s mom, Shelly, pays a surprise visit, Regina definitely isn’t happy. It’s clear that Shelly is pushy and passive-aggressive and is always sticking her nose in her daughter’s business. Literally! She has plenty of ideas about how Regina should run her restaurant.

What does come up is the discussion of children. Rome was clearly happy about the pregnancy, so it makes Regina thing children are on the table after all.

If only that was all that went on between mother and daughter. Regina finds Rome’s suicide note—the one from the A Million Little Things pilot episode. Many writers would have the one finding the note get angry and storm out, leaving the depressed, suicidal person struggling with that reaction and going deeper into the darkness. Not the A Million Little Things writers.

Regina tells Rome that he’s not the best part of her life but is her life. She needs him and it’s super sweet and extremely emotional.

What Is Delilah Going to Do?

With the secret now out, Delilah has to decide what she’s going to do. With Gary’s support (because he is the one who amazingly keeps secrets), she heads off to get an abortion. In the end, she can’t go through with it and she ends up going to Eddie’s concert (which is a nervous one for him because it’s the first one sober while his son, Theo, is having night terrors).

When she tells Eddie the truth about the abortion and not going through with it, she also tells him the truth about who the father is. It is Eddie’s baby after all. Delilah and Jon weren’t sleeping together before Jon killed himself.

What should be a happy moment is one surrounded by sadness and hurt. If the group find out that the baby is Eddie’s, it’s going to continue to tear a hole through it. It has to be Jon’s baby for the sake of everyone and Eddie is on board with that.

Ashley Knows Something

For most weeks, we’ve focused on the core group. However, Jon’s assistant, Ashley, is certainly not Jon Snow. She knows things. Lots of things.

One of those is the financial trouble Jon was in. However, she still doesn’t know who Barbara Morgan is—that mystery woman on Jon’s life insurance policy. After realizing that Delilah doesn’t either and that Delilah is pregnant (does she know the truth, I wonder?) Ashley considers giving Delilah the blue envelope.

In the end, Ashley decides not to. That doesn’t stop her digging into Jon’s life more, though, finding plenty of unpaid, overdue bills. Is this why he killed himself?

Did Delilah and Eddie make the right choice in lying about the paternity? How sweet was Regina in supporting Rome? When will all the secrets come out? 

A Million Little Things airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.