‘The Gifted’ Recap: Who Gets Through To The New Mutant?

There’s a battle between the Inner Circle and the Mutant Underground in The Gifted Season 2, Episode 5. Who will join the Morlocks? What’s next for the various groups? And is there any hope for Jace?

After a week break, "The Gifted" returns right where the last episode left off. The Mutant Underground gets the mutants from the asylum to a mutant-friendly clinic. Caitlin focuses on Andy not being one of those who has been saved from the Inner Circle, but fortunately, Thunderbird is able to keep his mind on the overall situation: they did the best possible.

Surely, Caitlin should be worried about her other child. Lauren was seriously injured at the hands of her own brother, but she’s okay. She just needs some time to rest and Caitlin wants Lauren to go with Reed, while Caitlin sticks around to help treat patients, one of whom has acidic skin. Thunderbird is the one that has to do it, knowing the acidic skin won’t hurt him as much as others, and it feels good to help someone.

Now that the acidic skin mutant has been saved, the guy can talk. He tells them that the Hellfire Club took “Rebecca.”

The Purifiers Continue to Purify

With Jace now firming on Team Purifiers, they head off to the clinic. The mutant-racist bigots are more than happy to go full neo-Nazi on the clinic until Jace stops them. He thinks they should round up all escaped mutants. This would show that the purifiers are just there to help.

All Thunderbird and Caitlin can do is watch as the Purifiers act like the thugs that they are. Just as it looks like the Purifiers will kill a doctor, Jace orders them out of the clinic. That doesn’t stop a few of the Purifiers from grabbing a few medical records.

Meanwhile, Blink and Eclipse attempt to get as many patients as possible down to the Morlock tunnels, but Erg has some demands. He wants a portal to a warehouse to grab some supplies, which shouldn’t sound that bad but Blink isn’t happy about the idea of stealing. Considering everything, that’s not really a problem right now.

It’s his next demand that everyone should have a problem with. Erg wants everyone in the tunnels to join the Morlocks and that means branding with an M on their faces. 

Yeah, this one goes way too far, but the patients have a choice and they decide they’ll go through with it.

Will Rebecca Live Up to Expectations?

The Inner Circle has high expectations of this Rebecca mutant, but she’s not really into helping them just yet and certainly won’t talk. When the Frost sisters go into her mind, all they see is torture and they have no idea why or how to snap her out of this. Does it matter? They have her and that means Reeva’s plan can go ahead.

Andy has a crazily brilliant idea. How about treating her like a person? Yep, that’s the way to do it! Andy is able to get Rebecca to talk a little and finds out that she’s spent the last year locked up inside. When he offers a chance to go outside, she jumps at the opportunity. Of course, the outing turns into a date where Rebecca shows off her real power.

Rebecca has the strange ability to turn things inside out. Andy then shows off his own power and that gives them this bond that nobody else has managed to create yet. You shouldn’t be surprised to find out they kiss at the end of this mutant date.

Lorna and the Frost sisters are happy with the progress and admit that Andy had the perfect idea. It’s sweet, but why did they desperately want Rebecca?

What did you think of Andy and Rebecca’s budding relationship? What did the Purifiers steal? What’s next for the Morlock-joining patients? 

The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on FOX.


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