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  • Written by Alexandria Gunn

‘Station 19’ Recap: The Team Learns Different Skills

Dean has always been a private person, so it’s difficult when his houseboat becomes the hangout spot on Station 19 Season 2, Episode 4. Meanwhile, Captain Sullivan pushes the firefighters to learn new skills that could be more useful than they initially thought.

The Firefighters Cramp Dean’s Style

Poor, Dean. He likes his refuge on his houseboat, which is why he’s never told his colleagues where he lives. It’s not that he’s embarrassed but that he wants people to stay out of his personal space.

Of course, Jack figures out where he lives and then tells others. That leads to Jack and Vic – and anyone who’s interested – hanging out at Dean’s. As a private person myself, I get Dean’s struggle!

But Jack does need someone right now. He doesn’t want to be alone and hates being in his apartment. When Vic starts talking about a guy Andy met the other night at a bar, you can tell that he’s still pining for her, although he tries to pretend that he’s fine.

Different Skills for the Team

At the firehouse (where Andy realizes that she gave the Brad guy from the bar her old house number and not her new one, so he called her dad), Captain Sullivan decides it’s time for the firefighters to learn a few new skills. He’s still for pushing Maya up the ranks, so puts her in a leadership spot. Meanwhile, Andy is on recruitment.

Why does Captain Sullivan hate Andy so much? Well, as Maya has already pointed out, Andy keeps giving him ammunition to use against her. She’s trying too hard.

During a callout, Maya is tasked with making every decision. With the intel of the building being abandoned, Maya decides there’s no need to send anyone in. They can just drown the fire. However, the intel was wrong and there are people inside. Dean and Jack noticed a homemade security system of cans on a door. The building has squatters and they’re kids.

With news of the squatters, Maya gives the all clear to head into the building. One of the kids goes back inside to show the firefighters around this maze of a building. There are other kids, some sleeping and some refusing to leave. They don’t see a problem when there’s a sprinkler system, but the pipes have been corrupted by a chemical and turning the sprinklers on causes the fire to spread.

Captain Sullivan Takes Over

With the team trapped inside, Maya struggles with the next course of action. She was so focused on one plan that she didn’t have an alternative. Captain Sullivan was forced to take over.

It was just in time and Sullivan was able to get all the firefighters and the kids out. After this, Sullivan points out to Andy that she is a natural recruiter. She cares about kids and cares about the job. That passion is infectious and she may have just scored her first recruit without even trying.

Of course, Maya is angry that she couldn’t be a leader right away and couldn’t figure out a second course of action. Andy tries to talk to her, but Maya isn’t having any of it.

Realizing Safe Spaces Are Necessary

Vic and Montgomery are now at therapy for their fears and their experiences. Soon enough, they run into others they know. This safe space is necessary to talk and get through feelings and it looks like Vic and Montgomery are on the mend both as individuals and as friends.

Dean also realizes that his houseboat has become Jack’s safe space. As much as he’d like his private space back, he needs to be there for his friend.

As for Andy, she decides to give things a go with Brad, but she does want to talk to Ryan first because he deserves to know. Throughout the episode, he had come face to face with his dad, who happens to be a con artist and in the middle of a bust Ryan made. Yeah, that’s not a great day and Andy just made it end even worse. Poor guy.

Did you agree with Captain Sullivan pushing the team? Were you impressed with Andy’s recruitment skills? What’s the way forward for Maya to become a leader? 

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.