‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: How Does Teddy React To Meredith Knowing About The Pregnancy?

The doctors gained some personal answers as they treated their patients in Grey’s Anatomy Season 15, Episode 5, titled “Everyday Angel.” Jo started her fellowship and Jackson returned from his personal leave with a need to get things back to normal. Meanwhile, Teddy found herself connecting to Meredith and gaining some much needed advice.

Jackson, Karev, and Linc Work Together for Answers

One of the bigger stories of the night was certainly Jackson, Karev, and Linc working together. Straight off the back of his personal leave, Jackson took on a case of a child with a bone deformity and bone cancer. This wasn’t the first surgery this kid had had and certainly wouldn’t be the last.

That is until the three doctors were able to finally work together. After taking a short break from the OR, Jackson gets a chance to talk to Maggie (whose patient helps her realize that she should give Jackson another chance after his disappearing act), where she’s able to kick start an idea. With parts of the shoulder blades already removed, they could treat the bones with intense radiation since there was no risk to the kid. The cancer would be gone and it would mean no more surgeries.

Meanwhile, Karev faced Linc about Jo. Since Linc knew Jo when she was Brooke, it meant he likely knew her abusive ex, Paul. Linc did and didn’t like Paul one bit, but never realized the guy was abusive. Guilty for not realizing it, Linc and Karev had the chance to see eye to eye and it looks like Jo won’t have to choose between the two men in her life.

As for the kid, the surgery worked out just as planned, much to the father’s relief.

Jo Starts Her Fellowship

Meanwhile, Jo pushed Bailey to get working on the fellowship, despite Bailey’s head being elsewhere. The case involved a woman who was waiting for Dr. Grey. Of course, Meredith wasn’t around, so it was up to the woman who taught Meredith and the woman who had learned from Meredith.

Awesome, right? Well, it would be if the two doctors could figure out what was wrong with the patient. After numerous tests, there’s still no diagnosis and the patient refuses to leave until someone takes her seriously—something that Meredith would.

While telling the two doctors about the stress that this strange pain is causing and making it clear she’ll kill herself, she eats a sandwich. That’s the moment the pain triggers again and finally Bailey and Jo are able to find the problem.

It’s a rare ligament problem, but the good news is they can treat it. The patient no longer feels like a hypochondriac.

During all this, Bailey realizes what the reason for her stress is. It’s Ben. When he doesn’t call, she gets worried and can’t take him off her mind. Could this be the end for the two?

DeLuca Learns to Teach

It’s fun seeing the interns become residents and get interns of their own. That’s happened this week for DeLuca. While running the ER, he starts to doubt his decisions. Then when he does step up, he doesn’t teach his residents.

Webber calls him out on every mistake he makes, but it’s a lesson for DeLuca. This is Webber’s way of teaching and it works. DeLuca doesn’t feel bad and realizes that actually he needs to start teaching these young doctors to make sure they don’t make mistakes again.

Owen and Amelia Keep an Eye on Betty

While all that happens, Owen and Amelia drop Betty off at school and then hang around. Last time on Grey’s Anatomy, Amelia stepped up to being a parent. This time, she wants to make sure that Betty isn’t in any trouble.

In a massive (but understanding) invasion of privacy, Amelia has put apps on her phone to track Betty’s phone, along with every text message Betty receives. That’s how Amelia knows there’s been talk of bunking off school and Amelia is worried.

This time does give Owen and Amelia chance to talk. They are able to figure out why they didn’t work the first time, and Amelia admits that part of it was Christopher. That’s the name she gave her child before he died and that is the first time she’s ever said the name aloud. One thing fostering has helped her realize is that nobody will ever replace Christopher. There’s hope for the two of them yet.

That is, there would be if it wasn’t for Teddy.

Meredith Convinces Teddy to Tell Owen the Truth

It all came to Teddy, who Meredith had tracked down to talk to. After instantly coming clean that she knows about the pregnancy, Meredith convinced Teddy to come back to her house. There, Teddy got to see what mom life is like.

Meredith also got to share her opinions about life without a father present. Children always go searching for their father, especially one that is alive but not in the picture. They want answers. Meredith is the poster child for wanting answers. Teddy will have a lot of explaining to do when her child realizes that Owen isn’t a deadbeat dad and that will lead to resentment.

Plus, Owen would love finding out he’s going to be a dad. And it’s not like she will ever completely lose Owen. He’d never not support Teddy in this pregnancy, regardless of whether he wanted his own children (which we know he does). Owen will always be the good guy.

Did Meredith do the right thing by talking to Teddy? Will Bailey and Ben make it? Is there hope for Owen and Amelia? 

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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