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‘A Million Little Things’ Recap: Katherine and Eddie Attempt to Make It Work

Hot off the back of getting three extra episodes, A Million Little Things picks up with a surprise pregnancy test, a tree-sized decision, and problems at school. Gary gets the truth from Maggie and it’s certainly not what he expected, while Rome tackles his depression in Episode 5, titled “The Game of Your Life.”

Katherine Makes a Decision

Katherine deals with something every working mother has to deal with: the knowledge that you’re missing out on your child’s life. It’s a balancing act and Katherine is clearly struggling. Of course, Eddie doesn’t understand since he wasn’t the one who gave birth to this child that he now doesn’t get to see.

She decides to see if the judge will agree to holding off the case until the next day, playing the working mother angle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. However, Katherine has figured a way to manage it but she’s still going to be about 10 minutes late.

Eddie agrees to help stall the start time. He manages it by getting the mothers to raise their grievances with the principal. That’s definitely going to stall the start time.

It works and it’s perfect for Katherine. When Theo is taunted for being “just a tree” and not in the lead, Katherine is able to connect with him. She knows what it’s like to feel left out and in the background because that’s how she sometimes feels in the family.

Despite it being a great day in the end, Katherine admits that she can’t be with Eddie anymore. The day didn’t make her happy but angry and she wants more from the relationship and life.

Rome Sees His Parents

Rome pays a visit to his new therapist, Dr. Heller. We finally get a look at his worries and his problems. One of the big issues is feeling like a failure and his therapist completely understands. Well, Dr. Heller should considering the money he’s getting, but he manages to finish Rome’s thoughts off. This is a guy who knows what he is doing.

After therapy and learning he may be on antidepressants for the rest of his life, he visits his parents. He wants to know if there’s a history of depression. His dad doesn’t give in to the conversation but his mom sees through it. She eventually encourages him to get the help he needs.

Delilah has Sophie-Sized Problems

Delilah has children issues to deal with when she receives a call from the school about her daughter, Sophie. Sophie hit another girl at school and while there was a reason, it wasn’t the typical one of someone saying something about her dad’s death. Instead, Sophie saw a post on social media about a prayer list. As suicide is a sin, one girl thought Jon would need to be prayed for because his soul is currently burning in hell. You can see why Sophie would lash out.

She’s not just struggling with the girl at school but also with her faith and generally being a girl who has lost her father. Delilah realizes that and instead of punishing her daughter, she chooses to arrange some girl time. What starts off as TV and popcorn time, turns into Sophie getting the chance to beat up “Doug.” Doug is the boxing dummy that Delilah knows will help Sophie get rid of her frustrations and anger.

When that doesn’t work, the two decide to “eat their feelings.” They get the chance to connect and talk about how they feel about Jon’s death and figuring out his death and what it means.

Gary Learns the Full Truth from Maggie

Meanwhile, Gary attempts to get Maggie to tell him the truth by taking her on the best date ever. When Maggie starts to drink some grape soda, she realizes that Gary has been talking to Tom and realizes that Gary knows about her cancer being back.

While Gary apologizes, Maggie admits that there’s more to the story. Maggie has decided not to fight the cancer this time. After meeting Gary and his friends, she chose that she didn’t want to risk going for chemo and risking not getting a future. She wants to have quality time with Gary and enjoy the time she has left.

It’s not easy for Gary and he doesn’t want to accept it. He decides to take her for a game of basketball. If he wins, she has to fight cancer. If she wins, she doesn’t have to get any treatment and Gary isn’t allowed to mention it. The game is on.

During the game, Maggie admits she was a basketball player in college and eventually wins the game. Gary can’t live up to his end of the deal, admitting that he can’t watch her die. Eventually, he decides that he can be there for her, sharing that news with a can of grape soda and a Post-It note on a balloon saying “I’m in.”

In the end, the three men have guy’s night together at Rome’s place, with Gary offering Eddie the couch to figure out what he’s going to do next. Gary finds a pregnancy test in the bathroom and they find out that Regina is pregnant. As Rome panics about a baby, Eddie gives him a pep talk, sharing how kids are the best thing ever.

If only it was Regina’s pregnancy test. When Rome talks to her about it, Regina admits that it’s Delilah’s test. There’s an affair baby in the friendship group.

Did you hope that Regina would be pregnant? Were you disappointed Katherine and Eddie couldn’t make it work? Has Gary made the right choice?

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