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  • Written by Alexandria Gunn

‘A Million Little Things’ Recap: The Aftermath of the Affair

Gary learns about Maggie’s cancer and Regina makes a decision regarding her friendship with Delilah. Meanwhile, "A Million Little Things" Episode 4 gives us more flashbacks of the past to get a better idea of who Jon was.

The Flashback to Pizza Night

One of the big questions we still have is why Jon killed himself. What was it that pushed him over the edge? There was some hope that the pizza night flashback would give us some sort of idea, but again, we just got Jon’s signature line of “everything happens for a reason.”

This line is mentioned so much that Jon’s death must have happened for some type of reason. What did he know or what was he hoping to achieve through his death?

As well as the signature line, we also find out more about the group of friend and about Jon and Delilah as a couple. The two met at an airport while going to different destinations. It was fate that pulled them together, similarly to the way the group of guys became friends because of the stuck elevator.

Will Regina and Delilah Make Up?

Out of everyone in the group, it looks like Regina is the one struggling with the news of Delilah and Eddie’s affair the most. At least, she is on a friendship level. It’s clear that Katherine was never really part of the women’s group and was only friends with Jon, so it’s understandable that it’s a friend of Delilah’s who is more hurt and betrayed than anyone else.

Gary and Rome want to repair this broken friendship, but it doesn’t go well at first. Regina even blames Delilah for Jon’s death. Eventually, though, she apologizes for her actions and makes up with Delilah.

Regina is one of the support pillars of this group, so seeing that friendship on the mend is important. More importantly, we get to see her be the supportive wife we’ve always seen. Rome wants to quit his job and make his movie and she’s so supportive that she’s an inspiration.

As for Katherine, she and Eddie are trying to put on a brave face for Theo. She’s not ready to forgive him (understandably), but they’re trying to work through things for their son. Considering at the beginning of the show she was ready to leave her and be with Delilah, this seems a little forced and off. Why is he now so concerned about making it work with Katherine?

Gary Learns About the Cancer

Maggie has spent the last three episodes of A Million Little Things hiding her cancer from Gary. It’s time for him to find out this week, when she learns that if she doesn’t nothing at all, she won’t make it through the year. It’s a tough blow.

Unfortunately, when she does pluck up the courage to tell Gary, she learns that he’s been using the support groups to hook up with women. It’s only when he goes to apologize that he finds out from Tom, a man from Maggie’s past, that her cancer has returned.

When he does finally get the chance to apologize (and show the scar to prove he is a breast cancer survivor), she keeps the cancer diagnosis a secret. This is something she’s going to have to tell him eventually, otherwise he’ll slip up and make it clear he knows already.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you enjoy the flashback? Which storyline has been your favorite so far? 

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