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  • Written by Alexandria Gunn

‘The Gifted’ Recap: How Far Will Kate and Marcos Go?

Now that Marcos has had the chance to hold Dawn, he’s not willing to leave her behind. Similarly, Kate Strucker isn’t willing to leave her son out there in potential danger. The Gifted Season 2, Episode 4, titled “OutMatched,” shows just how far the two are willing to go to save their children.

Why Is Kate So Determined

As a viewer of the show from the beginning, it’s hard not to feel sorry for Lauren Strucker. She’s almost been abandoned by her mother, who is determined to get her brother back. Meanwhile, her dad has his own issues with his powers coming back. She’s left to pick up the pieces and it isn’t easy.

Why would a mother focus on one child more than the other? Well, Lauren is in sight, but it’s more than that. In the flashback of the episode, we learn that Kate’s second pregnancy wasn’t an easy one. There was a chance that either she or Andy (or both) would die. When Andy made it out alive, of course Kate was determined to keep him safe.

Now he’s gone and she can’t.

We’ve already seen why Marcos is determined to save his daughter. Now we have both parents’ backstories it’s time to see just how far they are willing to go to save Andy and Dawn.

Finding the Inner Circle

The best way to get to their children is to find the Inner Circle. When they find out that the Inner Circle is planning on infiltrating a mental hospital, they decide to intercept and that means getting mutant hacker Wire on their side.

By the time they get to Wire’s hideout, Reeva Payge has killed him. Fortunately, for them, Wire’s brother has similar powers and is still alive. So, the Mutant Underground kidnaps him. He may wish that he was dead when Marcos and Kate start torturing him. Kate even offers him a treatment drug to fight against the mutant drug Kick he’s addicted to if he finds a way to the Inner Circle.

Of course, he does, and the Mutant Underground learns the Inner Circle is already in the mental hospital. Everyone needs to get there fast.

At the hospital, Reed deduces that some powerful mutants must be in the basement. Blink and Thunderbird head down, where Polaris is standing and opens all the cages holding the mutants.

Andy Attacks His Sister

While Blink and Thunderbird attempt to talk to Polaris and coax her home, Lauren and Marcos find Andy. He doesn’t want to come home, either, and we soon find Andy and Lauren in a mutant battle. Andy’s powers eventually win out and Lauren is knocked unconscious.

Meanwhile, Reed starts to question Kate’s actions. She’s managed to help get a drug addicted mutant clean and then made him addicted again for her own gain. Why are they trying to protect anyone from the Hellfire Club when they’re just as bad? It’s a good point and one I’d love to get an answer to, but it shows just how far Kate is willing to go to save her son.

What do you think of The Gifted’s “OutMatched?” Do you agree with Reed’s or Kate’s views? Is the Hellfire Club really that villainous? 

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