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'Grey's Anatomy' Recap - How Does Alex Save His Patient?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15, Episode 4 kickstarts the two-hour crossover event with spin-off Station 19. In “Momma Knows Best,” Maggie had to decide whether she should tell someone about Teddy’s pregnancy, while Meredith heads out on a date. Meanwhile, Alex Karev takes over as the temporary chief.

When Andy and Miller from Station 19 head to Grey Sloan Memorial, the doctors are instantly thrown into situations. Maggie and Bailey have a patient who collapsed on the street while helping people from the building fire, while Alex has to deal with a patient who refuses surgery due to the cost (there’s a message here about health care and privilege but I won’t go there).

Maggie is desperate to save her patient because she doesn’t want to head to the waiting room to tell her young son that she’s died. However, it looks like a losing battle. Due to the issues getting the patient off the pump, Maggie admits to her husband that she may not wake up. Of course, the husband doesn’t want to tell his son the truth.

It’s left to Maggie to tell the son the truth when she finds him hiding under one of the desks. The husband is clearly holding onto the idea of a “slim chance” and refuses to take that hope from his son.

Alex Searches for a Way Around the Surgery

As for Alex, he gets advice from Webber about how to handle the boy with smoke inhalation who needs surgery. The boy refuses because his mom’s insurance only covers emergency coverage and part of the surgery needs fall under a pre-existing medical condition. He threatens to sue the hospital if they call his mom or perform surgery. Alex needs to find a creative way around the problem.

Alex manages just that by cutting the patient’s chest without him realizing. With a “penetrating chest wound,” they need to operate right away. It’s all under the term “emergency” surgery, including anything else that is found in there. Webber isn’t too impressed, but Alex makes it extremely clear that he isn’t sorry for what he did.

When the patient learns the truth, it looks like the cover is blown. However, the patient is extremely happy to find out the surgery his mom has been saving years for has finally happened under coverage.

With that all done, he heads out only to find out Jo and Ortho God Linc know each other from when Jo was Brooke.

Meredith Goes on a Date

As for Meredith, she’s heading off on a date with non-other than How I Met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby (sorry, Josh Radnor). She’s met him through a blind dating app and isn’t sure about whether she wants to even go on this date. What if the guy she meets is awful? She even makes a bet with Alex that she can get out of the date in 20 minutes without hurting the guy’s feelings.

It turns out Ted (well, John) is a software engineer making software to protect people’s privacy. Oh, and he got his blind date wrong. After seeing the woman he was meant to meet, Meredith wonders if he wants to walk away and chat to the right woman. Fortunately, he doesn’t and she realizes that the guy the woman is talking to is likely the “John” she was meant to meet.

The two manage to send sneaky apology texts to their dates and then rush out of the restaurant. It looks great until John brings up the downside of single moms while dating.

Miller Plucks Up the Courage

Meredith wasn’t the only one looking for love in the episode. Miller is instantly attracted to Maggie and spends the episode hanging around the hospital to get checked out for smoke inhalation just to wait for her. It’s Bailey who ends up checking both Miller and Andy out (and she’s not happy that Ben has suffered a burn on his hand from the fire), so Miller fears he will have to leave empty handed.

Just as he’s about to leave, he sees Maggie and asks her out. Of course, she starts laughing at the awkwardness of it (and the fact that his first name is Dean and she had a fiancé called Dean) but is pulled away after her patient codes.

When it’s clear that the patient is close to death, Maggie tries to get the dad to tell his son the truth. However, the dad refuses and it’s up to DeLuca to take the child away while the dad says goodbye to his wife. That leads to the son accidentally finding out and then running off.

As Maggie finally breaks and tells Meredith the truth about Teddy’s pregnancy (breaking doctor-patient confidentiality) and while Owen and Amelia ground their teenage drug addict, the child runs towards what looks like the fire station.

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