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  • Written by Alexandria Gunn

'Station 19' Recap - Does Andy’s Risky Decision Pay Off?

Station 19 Season 2, Episode 2 picked up right where the Grey’s Anatomy half of the two-hour crossover left. The young son of the cardiac patient, Max, had run away and now it was time to find where he’d gone. As he ran across a busy intersection, he fell down a drain and was stranded in water. It was up to the firefighters of Station 19 to save him.

Captain Sullivan Breaks Protocol

The new captain, Sullivan, immediately took charge, sending the firefighters out in pairs to find the boy. Max had been swept along in the water and nobody knew where. Because they blamed themselves, Maggie and DeLuca asked if they could join the firefighters in the search.

Surprisingly, Captain Sullivan was fine with the doctors joining the search. In fact, there were two sets of rules for the doctors and the firefighters, including Ben Warren who, because of the burn on his hand (and maybe because Bailey had said something), wasn’t allowed to even take part in the search.

Sullivan also allowed Max’s father, Evan, to rid in the truck. The concerned father had just said goodbye to his wife and needed to find his boy. It’s understandable, but something just felt off watching the captain handle this whole situation.

Andy Makes a Big Mistake

When Captain Sullivan ordered for only those harnessed to jump in the drain, it was clear that something would go wrong. Maya’s oxygen mask wasn’t working and Andy decided to jump in without a harness instead. While she may have taken a risk, that risk didn’t pay off and instead Max was swept away further down the drain and the firefighters needed to save Andy instead.

Unsurprisingly, Captain Sullivan blamed Andy for losing Max this time. Andy was put on rig driving duty, while the rest searched for Max again. When they did find Max, the firefighters were at the last point. If Max went any further, they’d never get to him because the drain was too small for an adult to fit through. They needed Max to grab a floating device, but Max was too scared to let go of the part of the drain he was holding onto.

Evan stepped up as a dad. He finally admitted that he had lied about his wife (Max’s mom). Natalie was dying and they needed to get back to the hospital so Max could say his goodbyes. It was exactly what Max needed to hear, so he managed to grab the floating device and get back to safety. Once there, he could be treated for the water he swallowed and get back to his mother’s bedside, where she was in a coma and “circling the drain,” as the doctors had previously put it.

Captain Sullivan Has a Few Choice Words

Now that the boy was safe, the firefighters turned on Andy. If it wasn’t for Andy, Max wouldn’t have gotten to the point of almost being lost. Not only did Andy take a risk that didn’t pay off, but she made it clear she didn’t trust Maya to do the job given to her. Captain Sullivan was also angry that his direct orders had been ignored.

Andy may have gotten away with a lot during the first season of Station 19, but it was all about to change. This new captain isn’t her father and things are not going to carry on as usual. Quite honestly, I agree with his words.

What did you think of the ending to the Grey’s Anatomy/Station 19 two-hour crossover? Did Andy make a bad decision? Can Maya forgive her friend?

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.