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Recap: 'A Million Little Things' - How Does Everyone React To The Affair?' - 10/10/2018

A Million Little Things episode 3, titled “Save the Date,” picks up with the group receiving reminders for Gary’s party. There’s another reminder that Jon thought of absolutely everything. Before they can get to the party, life must move forward just as news of the affair comes out.

Katherine Learns About The Affair
Gary even gets the reminder of his annual birthday celebrations, something that he hates. However, he’s able to take his mind off things by teasing Maggie about her unpacked boxes, which causes her to snap at him. She’s certainly not in the right frame of mind when she bumps into Rome when she’s jogging. He really wants her to be his therapist, so she finally relents for now.

When Eddie and Rome show up at Gary’s house, Gary is adamant that he’s not doing the birthday celebrations Jon planned. That is until a driver shows up and it turns out Jon had planned for them to attend a Bruins fantasy camp. Off they go, despite all feeling a little awkward that Jon isn’t there to enjoy it all with them.

Eddie rushes home first to get Katherine to pick their son Theo up from swimming and then leaves his phone behind. By the time he’s realized, the phone has rang about the missing necklace and Katherine figures out that Eddie is having an affair. Rather than try to hide it all, Eddie owns up to Delilah being the other woman but Gary overhears it all.

This is setting up a rift between the friends. Rome finds out and makes it clear that an affair with Jon’s wife cannot be explained. He and Gary head off to the camp, leaving Eddie behind.

Gina Continues To Help Delilah
Meanwhile, Gina is trying to help Delilah through her grief and part of that is by checking in on the restaurant renovations—the restaurant that Jon left to both Gina and Delilah.

Delilah decides she wants to head to Jon’s office to clear out his things, where Ashley is on the phone to someone telling them not to liquidate anything just yet. When the women (because they all go in with Delilah) arrive, Ashley quickly hides the file.

Rome calls Gina and all the women learn of the affair. All Delilah wants is a note from Jon to explain all this, and Ashley says she has it—although she doesn’t show it. Ashley doesn’t think Jon knew about the affair based on what she knows.

Why Delilah Had The Affair
While at Gary’s birthday, Eddie does show up and it looks like everything will be forgiven. However, Gary makes it clear it doesn’t work like that. Rome makes a point about the affair wouldn’t have been the only thing that tipped Jon over the edge if he did know about it. It’s “a million little things.”

As for Katherine, she drives to see Delilah. She wants to shout at Delilah but realizes that Delilah is suffering enough with the loss of Jon. However, Katherine also points out that she wanted to call Jon the second she found out about the affair, because he understood why she worked so much.

When Eddie returns home, he tries to keep Katherine onside but hesitates when she asks if Eddie loved Delilah. Feeling low, Eddie decides to call Jon’s phone just to get to his voicemail, but Delilah answers.

After the call, Gary heads over to see Delilah for answers. How could Jon not have been enough for her? Understandably, Delilah shares that Jon was there for everyone and she ended up forgotten.

Why did the affair affect Gary so much? When he was young, he saw his parents’ marriage crumble and he’d vowed to never marry. Delilah and Jon had showed him that marriages work and love is possible and now he doesn’t quite believe in it. He’s not sure what to believe.

Delilah pulls him into the house. Despite everything, Jon had ordered Gary’s cake to come to their house, assuming they would all end up back there. Gary blows out the candles wishing for the one thing he’s always wished for since he was seven: happiness.

What did you think of Gary’s birthday? Did you see the affair coming out so quickly? Who can you relate to the most?

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