'Minority Report' Recap: 10/19/2015

Our Rick Ellis wrote a recap of this week's episode of MINORITY REPORT for BuddyTV.

Vega and Dash ask Akeela to track purchases of the jersey and it turns out that Akeela had bought one as a surprise birthday present for Vega, which makes her the potential murder victim. It's a good assumption she isn't going to die, unless Minority Report has suddenly become a miniseries. Dash confronts Arthur over his vision, and after punching him, Arthur tells him about Agatha's discovery. Arthur doesn't know anything else about Vega's potential death and neither does Akeela, who tells Vega, "I just bought you a death shirt ... I'm the worst friend ever." Minority Report is a show with lots of laughs, but this is one of the few times the laughs are intentional.

You can read the entire thing right here.