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  • Written by Jennifer Smith

The Good Wife 'Goliath and David' Recap Scorecard

"The Good Wife" is finally back for its winter premiere. We had a lot to look forward to after an epic spit-take and more than enough Will/Alicia sexual tension. Let's find out which plots, sub-plots, and sub-sub-plots got the most points on the Recap Scorecard.

Ho Da Baby Daddy?

Just a few weeks ago Marilyn was walking around with her nose in the air to ensure Peter’s facade of propriety. So now she’s suddenly gotten pregnancy brain and decided to reveal the baby’s name is Peter, but not that Peter, but a different Peter. First of all, this woman should never have named the baby the same name as her notorious woman-hungry boss (because she’s, ya know, head of his ethics committee). Secondly, she’s not stupid enough to blurt out the name like that.
Final score: 25 points

Peter Bogdanovich?
What? Really, what? But she says she sees the baby daddy every day? Something’s cooking here, and it’s not just a baby.
Final score: -10 points

What Comes First: The Chick, The Egg, Or The Other Chick?
I’m still trying to remember what this storyline was even about. Kalinda, the blonde cop lady, and Irish Damien have some weird untrusting sexual tension thing happening. Honestly, I don’t really care that much. I’ll give points to the hot Irish accent and will award more points if and when he takes his shirt off.
Final score: 15 points

You For Real Stole My Fake Song?
Ah, the David vs Goliath story once again. Matthew Lillard covered a rapper’s song, which was then stolen by fake-Glee, etc etc. Back and forth happened and then Alicia wins because duh.
Final score: 1 point

What’s That On Your Dress?
Sex flashbacks have become commonplace on The Good Wife. Not that i’m complaining, because, ya know, two attractive people having naughty relations on TV is classic escapism. And I actually kind of love how they’re purposefully trying to toy with each other, like when Alicia changed “into what i wore the night you banged me the first time.” HA! Oh girl, you so bad. This storyline is building into what will be some very explosive hate sex and I cannot wait.
Final score: 69 points (I’m so mature)

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