Students Join CNN In The Fight Against Modern-Day Slavery

This year’s #MyFreedomDay will be held on Wednesday March 11 with schools and communities around the world coming together to raise awareness of human trafficking.

Now in its fourth year, thousands of students in more than 100 countries across six continents have pledged to take part in the day of action to shine a light on the 40-million people currently trapped in slavery.

CNN is asking the question ‘What does freedom mean to you?’ and encouraging students to share their responses on social media using the #MyFreedomDay hashtag.

On March 11, that content will be showcased on and CNN’s social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, CNN international correspondents will report live from around the world from schools in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

There will also be special programming on CNN International highlighting student activities and events, as well as celebrity #MyFreedomDay pledges and messages. The special programming will begin at 12.30pm ET on March 11 and replay at 3.30am ET on March 12 and then continue across the weekend.

#MyFreedomDay is part of The CNN Freedom Project which is committed to bringing global attention to human trafficking and putting a stop to the $150 billion a year industry.