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  • Written by Rick Ellis

Don't Let Kanye West Troll You, You Gullible Morons

Kanye West is not seriously running for President.

Despite his Saturday evening tweet announcing his run - which was predictably so short on details to be completely on-brand - Kanye West is never going to mount a real effort to compete in the 2020 Presidential race. And while it's not clear why he sent out the tweet, it's likely to be part of some trolling-PR campaign for some still-unidentified spin-off project:

"Buy the new gold-infused Ye Foot Spray! When your feet smell like the swamp and leave you in a Deep State, Ye will have you smelling like a winner!"

There are some valid legal reasons why West would have trouble making the ballot in more than a handful of states this November. To get even that accomplished would require the singer spending tens of millions of his dollars. And if there is one thing we've learned about Kanye West over the years is that while no one loves him as much he adores himself, when it comes to getting media attention, he's much more inclined to troll the media into writing about him for free than spending any of his Scrooge McDuck-level accumulated wealth.

Kanye West has about as much business being a Presidential candidate as Tucker Carlson, although given the way 2020 is going, they'll likely be the two leading candidates in 2024. For all of his musical talent and promotional acumen, he's not someone who can be described as "willing to take criticism" or "open to other viewpoints." And if we've learned one thing from the current occupant of the White House, it's that America needs someone as President who doesn't always think he's the smartest guy in the room and can hear the phrase "You're wrong" without wanting to shoot the messenger.

I have no idea why Kanye West sent out that tweet. Other than knows that the breaking news desk of every political and entertainment site is primarily staffed by interns and the unloved on July 4th. So he picked the perfect time to maximize the amount of attention he'll receive, while not spending a dime to get it all.

Don't let Kanye West troll you. He might be running for President at some point, but it's not going to happen in 2020.