Christmas Movies: 'Nostalgic Christmas'

Synopsis: Anne Garrison (Brooke D’Orsay), a toy buyer for a large national department store, returns to the small town in Maine where she grew up for her annual holiday visit with her dad, Bill (Ron Lea), who has agreed to sell his toy store after the holidays. It’s a bittersweet holiday season for both of them, since the plan calls for Bill to move to Connecticut after the sale, likely making this Anne’s final holiday visit to the town she loves. This is where her dad taught her to carve wooden toys, which have been at the heart of his store all these years. 

Anne is soon drafted into service to co-chair the town’s Christmas Committee with handsome widower Keith McClain (Trevor Donovan), whose 10-year old daughter Jessie (Jenna Weir) takes an immediate liking to Anne, who agrees to help practice her song for the Christmas Pageant. Bill discovers a box of inspirational wooden Santas Anne carved as a girl and gives them to customers and friends in town, who become personally inspired by the gift.

The owner of the town’s mill managed by Keith is considering an offer to sell, which would put many of the town’s residents out of work. When the producer of the Christmas Pageant is called away for a family emergency, Anne reluctantly agrees to take over for the sake of the people she loves who are so looking forward to it. The more time they spend together the closer Keith and Anne become, and it’s clear they are falling for one another. But with Anne set to return to New York after the toy store is sold and Keith considering a job offer in Vermont if the mill closes, neither is in a position to seriously consider the budding relationship.

However, this is Christmastime and you never know what kind of small miracles will come your way. Maybe – just maybe – Keith can come up with a plan to save the mill and perhaps Anne’s rekindled passion for carving wooden toys could convince her to stay on and take over the toy shop. Then, Anne and Keith might open themselves up to the possibility of their own romantic happy ever after. And that would make for one very merry Christmas. (Courtesy Hallmark, 2019)

The Cast:
Brooke D’Orsay as Anne Garrison
Trevor Donovan as Keith McClain
Jenna Weir as Jessie McClain
Ron Lea as Bill Garrison
Tara Joshi as Colleen Grimes
Eugene Clark as Martin Delong
Vanessa Burns as Patty Allen
Chad Willett as Tom Novak
Arlene Duncan as Georgina Garcia
Barbara Gordon as Dorothy Wentzell
Leslie Adlam as Employee 1

Production Credits:
"Nostalgic Christmas" is produced by Leif Films, Inc. Agnes Bristow and Leif Bristow serve as producers. J.B. Sugar directed from a teleplay by Raul Sanchez Inglis, based on the novel The House of Wooden Santas by Kevin Major.

It premiered Thursday, October 31st, 2019 on Hallmark Movies And Mysteries.