Christmas Movies: 'Christmas Under The Stars'

Synopsis: When Nick (Jesse Metcalfe), a career-focused investment banker, is fired from his high-powered Chicago firm at Christmastime, he winds up taking a job at a local Christmas tree lot owned by Clem (Clarke Peters), a kindhearted, elderly man facing a lonely holiday following the passing of his wife. While working on the tree lot, Nick meets Clem’s longtime family friend, Julie (Autumn Reeser), a single mom and astronomy teacher who’s always looked to the stars for hope. As he works alongside Clem, Nick learns that the city plans to shut down the tree lot and build a highrise in its place. He also learns that Julie is struggling financially and being harassed by a heartless financial institution demanding she immediately pay off her late father’s medical debt.

When he manages to bond with Julie’s shy and withdrawn young son, Matt (Anthony Bolognese), Nick unexpectedly finds himself reevaluating his materialistic values — and also finds himself engaged in a blossoming romance with Julie.

Before long, as he works at the tree lot and the holiday spirit washes over him, the once selfcentered Nick discovers the true meaning of Christmas and the joy of helping others. But as Nick tries to figure out a way to solve Julie’s financial woes, a shocked Julie discovers he once represented the greedy corporation pressuring her to pay off her dad’s debt. After parting ways with Nick and leaving him crushed, Julie focuses on arranging a special stargazing event for her students and searches for a way to save Clem’s beloved tree lot from being closed.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, Clem suffers an injury preventing him from operating his business and a socially conscious company offers Nick a job, requiring him to begin working immediately and miss spending the holiday at the tree lot. Now that his values have changed — and he realizes that family and love are more rewarding than material gain — Nick wonders if there’s a way he can accept the job offer while helping Clem and Julie through their holiday troubles. He also wonders if there’s a way to rekindle his romance with Julie in time for them all to share a Christmas under the stars.

The Cast:
Jesse Metcalfe (Nick Bellwith)
Autumn Reeser (Julie Gibbons)
Clarke Peters (Clem Marshwell)
Anthony Bolognese (Matt Gibbons)
Yoshié Bancroft (Kate)
Matthew Clarke (Dave Voss)
Zoriah Wong (Mia Knowles)
Michael Kopsa (Sydney Bellwith)
Ken Camroux-Taylor (George Eckland)
Chad Riley (Reg)
Jocelyn Gauthier (Emily Kane)
Brandy Le (Nick’s Assistant)
David Stuart (Lead Board Member)
Kharytia Bilash (Vivian)
Moneca Delain (Rae Knowles)
Samantha Ferris (Ellen Wardstone)
Sean Millington (Field Manager)
Richard Meen (Lieutenant)
Gordon Cormier (Wise Man)
Eric Pollins (City Councilman)

Production Credits:
Executive Producer: James Wilberger
Producers: Charles Cooper, Harvey Kahn
Production credit: Crown Media Productions, LLC
Directed by: Allan Harmon
Teleplay by: Jamie Pachino
Based upon the novel: ‘The Christmas Tree Lot’ by Rikk Dunlap
Director of Photography: Randal Platt, csc
Production Designer: Mark Boyko
Art Director: Gillian Cole
Costume Designer: Jaralin Detienne

It premiered Friday, November 16th, 2019 on the Hallmark Channel.