Episode Guide: 'Nathan For You' - Season Three

3-01 Electronics Store--10/15/2015

3-02 Horseback Riding; Man Zone--10/22/2015

3-03 The Movement--10/29/2015

3-04 Sporting Goods Store; Antique Shop--11/05/2015

3-05 Smokers Allowed--11/12/2015
Nathan helps a dive bar get around anti-smoking laws.

3-06 Hotel/Travel Agent--11/19/2015
A hotel tries to appeal to sexually active parents, a travel agent finds out how to profit from her elderly customers, and Nathan shares his solution for never being late.

3-07 --11/26/2015

3-08 --12/03/2015

3-09 The Hero--12/10/2015
Nathan tries to prove that there's a hero inside every one of us.